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Maths by Mind Map: Maths

1. AQA Higher

1.1. Data Handling Cycle

1.1.1. Pose a question, state a hypothesis

1.1.2. Decide what data you need and collect the data

1.1.3. Organise and analyse the data

1.1.4. Interpret the results and draw conclusions

1.2. Data sources questions

1.2.1. What information do you need?

1.2.2. Does the information exist already?

1.2.3. How easy is it to get the information if it doesn't exist already?

1.2.4. Where di yiz try to find the information if it does exist?

1.3. Types of data sources

1.3.1. primary

1.3.2. secondary

1.4. Types of data

1.4.1. qualitative

1.4.2. quantitative discrete continuous

1.5. Questionairs

1.5.1. The answer options provided must cover all possibilities

1.5.2. Use simple language

1.5.3. Short questions that can be answered easiliy

1.5.4. Always give a choice of answers with tick boxes

1.5.5. Make sure responses do not overlap

1.5.6. Sometimes, occasionally, often mean different things to different people, so don't use them

1.5.7. Never ask personal questions

1.5.8. Never ask people to put their name on questionairs

1.5.9. Never ask a leading question, which encourages people to give a particular answer

2. Additional Maths