Ryan's Plan

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Ryan's Plan by Mind Map: Ryan's Plan

1. GURU Blueprint

1.1. Wake Up Productive

1.1.1. Clearing Off My Mental Desk

1.1.2. Completing Loose Ends

1.1.3. Getting Out of the Grey Zone

1.1.4. Eliminating Energy Robbers

1.1.5. Habit Gravity & Escape Velocity

1.2. Week 1: Creating Your Personal Success Ritual

1.3. Week 2: The Inner Butterfly Effect

1.4. Week 3: Streamline My Inner Game for Friction-Free Focus

1.5. Week 4: Building My Focus Muscles

1.6. Week 5: The 60-60-30 Solution

1.7. Week 6: Routine Rituals That Really Work

1.8. Week 7: Grey Zone - Take 2

2. Website

2.1. Website Complete

2.1.1. ArmyFitness

2.1.2. BardesBlueprint

2.2. Business Blog Established

2.2.1. Google ?

2.3. Squeeze Page in Place

2.3.1. zip file 126 here from HP laptop

2.4. HostGator

2.4.1. cPanel IP Address

2.5. AWEBER account established

2.5.1. autoresponder

2.5.2. Real Estate Reports

2.5.3. Cycling Workouts

2.5.4. Affiliate Product Information

3. Fitness

3.1. Gold's Gym

3.2. YMCA

3.3. Fitness Goals

3.4. Instructor/ Employment Opportunites

3.4.1. LA Fitness

4. Skill Port and Books 24x7

4.1. Passcode to DD eBooks

5. Plan CS 5 Learning Plan

5.1. See Your Plans with

5.1.1. JCVGantt Pro 3 provides an easy to use, yet powerful solution to visualize and track projects and tasks.

5.1.2. Visualize plans and improve the accuracy of time and cost estimating while decreasing the time it takes to plan a new project.

5.1.3. Key Features Display maps as Gantt charts with all the data instantly synchronized in both the JCVGantt and MindManager Instantly identify the project’s critical path and calculate project costs Perform 'what if' analysis and assess budgetary risks before they become problems Quickly create plans with drag-and-drop GanttParts™, thinking through a project schedule once, and then reusing it again and again Easily assign the same resources to multiple projects Full ink support enables hand-written projects on Tablet PCs

5.1.4. Try It

5.1.5. Buy It

5.2. Partner Solutions

5.3. Get Connected with

5.3.1. Share Maps and Documents in Online Workspaces Create Workspaces Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial Add Members to Your Workspaces Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial Add MindManager Maps and Files into Your Workspaces Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial

5.3.2. View and Edit MindManager Maps with Others Simultaneously Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial

5.3.3. Launch Web Conferences Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial Once the meeting has started you can: Invite additional participants Choose which applications to display to other participants. Grant another participant Show rights Grant another participant Remote Control rights

5.3.4. Take MindManager 8 to the next level with this powerful add-on solution. Share and edit MindManager maps with your team simultaneously Secure online workspaces for MindManager maps and other files Conduct team meetings with fully integrated web conferences

5.3.5. Create Your Mindjet Connect Account Sign in to Mindjet Connect Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial Invite Users to Your Account Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial Create Your Account Click icon for help Click icon to watch a short tutorial

6. Bandit Signs

6.1. Putter Outers

6.1.1. Kevin

6.1.2. Erica

6.1.3. Jerry

6.1.4. Elaine Wants to know when and where

6.1.5. Kristy Wants to know when and where

6.1.6. Ted Evening cash or 1099

6.1.7. Craig Sure

6.1.8. Deltrick no response

6.1.9. Dale no response

6.1.10. Travis wants to talk on phone Mon afternoon

6.1.11. Torres (317) 777-5305

6.1.12. 317-600-0974 no response

6.1.13. (317) 518-7734

6.1.14. (765) 431-6251

7. Employment

7.1. Job Boards

7.1.1. ACP AdvisorNet https://acp-advisornet.org/

7.1.2. http://www.gijobs.com/

7.1.3. https://h2h.jobs/sign_in Bob Strange

7.1.4. https://board.recruitmilitary.com/candidate/dashboard

7.1.5. https://secure.my.jobs/

7.1.6. http://www.hireveterans.com/add-listing/?listing_type_id=Resume

7.1.7. https://board.recruitmilitary.com/jobs/14216957?search%5Bcity%5D=&search%5Bcompensation%5D=&search%5Bcountry%5D=&search%5Bcreated_after%5D=&search%5Bdistance%5D=10&search%5Bdraft%5D=false&search%5Bemail_notification_enabled%5D=&search%5Bemployment_types%5D=&search%5Bexpired%5D=false&search%5Bfacet_limit%5D=30&search%5Bfreshness%5D=&search%5Bid%5D=&search%5Bkeywords%5D=&search%5Blast_viewed_at%5D=&search%5Blocation%5D=46205&search%5Border_by%5D=relevance&search%5Borganization_id%5D=&search%5Bpage%5D=2&search%5Bpaid_only%5D=false&search%5Bper_page%5D=10&search%5Bsearchable%5D=true&search%5Bsource%5D=&search%5Bstate%5D=&search%5Buser_id%5D=289311&search%5Bwith_operator%5D=all_of&search%5Bwithout_work_category_ids%5D=&search%5Bwork_category_ids%5D=&src=search

7.2. Possible Jobs

7.2.1. Voicemail Jordan Inside Global : Network Admin 513-578-6900 insightglobal.net

7.2.2. HomeDepot

7.3. Project Manager

7.3.1. http://www.ivytech.edu/project-management/

7.3.2. http://projectmanagementacademy.net/pmp-certification/indianapolis

7.3.3. https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-12-month-project-management-professional-certification-bundle?gclid=Cj0KEQjwjtGfBRCN4-LU9ODG1-wBEiQAy_Xp77cJfSJuyolOAguOhHuOeBO-n1zQcl6yOMNoqAwetgAaAmXH8P8HAQ

8. Real Estate

8.1. Millionaire Matrix

8.1.1. Safety-Net Method

8.1.2. Stupid-Proof System

8.1.3. Zero Down Investing

8.1.4. Snow Ball Effect

8.2. Push Button Method

8.2.1. Push Button Automarketer Quick Start Video Training Category/Location Filter My List Email Campaign Lead Response Voiceblast Campaign VoiceBlaster Leads Step 1 Step 2 How many blasts per month ? 2000? cycle date? Step 3 Cost in Joe's system vs oDesk/eLance? Voicemail # provided Analytics Filter / Date Range / Must have Phone # / Lead Prioritizing Respond to highly motivated leads 1st Yes / No / Call Me Now Cross Reference in Top Producer? Automated Follow-Up Reluctant Leads to Signed Contracts Follow up (supplement) with direct mail marketing Partner mit Investors Share deals with other Investors Supplement with BLC Listings Wholesale Deals Out of Town deals for referral fee Choose specific listing agent / investor Networking and Creditability Build List of Buyers Lead Capture Pages Educational email campaign Sellers Deed Away their House Seller understands the program BEFORE I talk with them Can I get a house under contract without meeting/talking with the seller? Online fillable doc with legal signature No Money No Credit No Problem Lease Option Buyer - tax depreciation credit build a real estate portfolio Deal Examples 'Fast Track Investor Training' Contracts, Scripts, and Forms... Second opinion on legal docs? Additional tenant screening ... Addendum ' First Right to Purchase' Tenant Application Support SMS Broadcast marketing EBay Classifieds Start over ability CRM Automarketer Phone System Local # only $3 a piece Call forwarding Internet phone around the country / (world?) Voicemail includes an emailed transcription and .wav file of all messages Assign phone numbers to as many TEAM MEMBERS AS WE LIKE Ability to record ALL incoming/outgoing phone calls...great for training Know time on phone Filter

8.2.2. The 'For Rent' Method Introduction Basics Calling Script intro For Rent Method Script Lease Option Agreement Memo Intro L/O Agreement Memo Online L/O Agreement Memo - Intro Online L/O Agreement Memo Talking to Sellers Intro Live Calls to Sellers Role Playing Seller Conversations - High End Properties Role Playing Seller Conversations with Joe Seller Website Automating Rent to Buy Seller Marketing How to Get Rent to Buy Sellers to Agree to My Offers w/o speaking to Them - Intro Results of Elance Ads For Rent Method - Elance Ad Posting

8.3. Websites

8.3.1. Ryan's Websites Property Listing Domain: www.BardesRealty.com Seller Site Domain: www.RyanBuysIndyHomes.com Buyer Site Domain: www.IndyRentToGet.com Seller Site Domain: www.RyanBuysIndyHomes.com https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/?ref=wplogin

8.3.2. Fellow Indy Listing Rental http://www.317houses.com/ http://www.abcproperties.com/ http://www.cd.postlets.com/ Rentals.com http://www.realtor.com/rentals?styp=2 Lease Option Ads http://us.razzza.com/ http://www.classifiedads.com/ http://www.flexbuy.us/ www.realtown.com iOffer.com Wholesale Deals http://www.myhousedeals.com/ http://byownermls.com/ realtytrac.com fsbobasics.com http://www.propertysites.com/ http://www.biggerpockets.com/ Training www.realturf.com

8.3.3. Buyers http://www.cashoffers.com/ http://www.fast-cash-house-buyers.com/

8.4. Crumpology Audio Discs

8.4.1. Disc 1 Intro Joe"s Business Bible Overview of BootCamp Steve Call Steve call review Jim's Call

8.4.2. Disc 2 Jim's call review Jim's call student questions Cash Deals Subject To Multiple Mortgage

8.4.3. Disc 3 Land Contracts Thurs am Lease Option Defined Intro to Hypothetical Situation Example Deal 2 Example Deal 3

8.4.4. Disc 4 Example Deal 4 Example Deal 5 Example Deal 6 Example Deal 7 Example Deal 8 Example Deal 9 Example Deal 10

8.4.5. Disc 5 Marketing Materials Signs Flyers

8.4.6. Disc 6

8.5. Wholesaling

8.6. Cash Flow Properties

8.7. Long-term Investments

8.8. Flip Properties

8.9. Tenant Buyers

8.9.1. Hovey Tony Porter Tues pm Ariana Harwell Tues pm