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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. Properties

1.1. Size

1.1.1. How big is the mineral

1.2. Color

1.2.1. What color is the mineral

1.3. Transparency

1.3.1. How well you can see through the mineral

1.4. Luster

1.4.1. How shiny the mineral is.

1.5. Shape

1.5.1. What is the Shape of the crystal

1.6. Hardness

1.6.1. How hard the mineral is to glass and copper

1.7. Light reflection

1.7.1. Can you see double of single image

2. are found in

2.1. Rocks

2.1.1. Igneous Cooling of magma Examples Obsidian Gabbro

2.1.2. Metamorphic high heat and pressure Examples Gneiss Phyllite

2.1.3. Sedimentary dead plants under layers of sediments compacted into rock Examples Coal Limestone

3. examples

3.1. Diamond

3.2. Ruby

3.3. Emerald

3.4. Topaz

4. Definition

4.1. Formed naturally and used by humans.