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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Desert Soil

1.1. Form in places that do not have lots of rainfall

2. Forest Soil

2.1. Forms in areas that have lots of cold seasons

3. Grassland Soil

3.1. Grassland soils form in areas that have both wet and dry seasons but less overall rain than areas with forest soil.

4. Tropical Grassland Soil

4.1. Tropical grassland soils are found in areas that are very warm all year long, with both wet and dry seasons unlike tropical areas that are always wet.

5. Is made up of

5.1. Organic Matter

5.2. Nutrients

6. Fertilizer

7. Types

8. Description

9. Layers

9.1. Topsoil

9.1.1. is a combination of rock, sand, silt, clay, organic matter,air, and water. Plants grow roots in this layer which is rich with biological activity.

9.2. Subsoil

9.2.1. contains some of the chemicals found in the topsoil as water drips from the soil above and washes these nutrients down.

9.3. Parent Material

9.3.1. is made up of slightly broken-up bedrock. Plant roots usually do not penetrate into this layer. Very little organic matter is found here.

9.4. Bedrock

9.4.1. is hard rock that lies beneath all the soil layers

10. Weathered Rocks

10.1. Silt

10.2. Sand

10.3. Clay