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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Is made of

1.1. Weathered Rocks

1.1.1. Sand

1.1.2. Silt

1.1.3. Clay

1.2. Organic Matter

1.2.1. Organic matter is a key ingredient to helping plants grow It breaks down into nutrients There are 3 types or nutrients

2. Layers

2.1. Bedrock

2.2. Sub Soil

2.3. Top Soil

2.4. Parent Material

3. Types of soil

3.1. Grassland

3.1.1. Tropical Grassland

3.2. Forest

3.2.1. Desert

3.3. Forest soils are usually moist

3.4. Desert soils are really dry

3.5. Grassland Soil might be a little moist but it is usually dry

3.6. Tropical Grassland soils are usually more wet than normal grassland