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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Descriptions

1.1. Consistence

1.1.1. Loose

1.1.2. Friable

1.1.3. Firm

1.2. Texture

1.2.1. Grainy

1.2.2. Silky

1.2.3. Sticky

1.3. Color

1.3.1. Brown

1.3.2. Red

1.3.3. Grayish

2. Types

2.1. Grassland Soils

2.2. Tropical Grasslands Soils

2.2.1. Tropical Grasslands are not very common in the USA but it is in a part of California

2.3. Dessert Soils

2.3.1. Desert Soil is around the line of Texas up to North Dakota and around Arizona

2.4. Forest Soils

2.4.1. Fores

3. What is Soil?

3.1. Whats in It

3.1.1. Minerals

3.1.2. Water

3.1.3. Organic Matter

3.1.4. Countless Organism that have died and decayed

3.2. What its for?

3.2.1. Soil is nothing compared to dirt not at all, It is this wonderful nutrients to help plants grow, if we did not have soil our earth couldn't survive

4. is made of

4.1. Wearthered Rocks

4.1.1. Sand Silt and Clay

4.2. Organic Matter

4.2.1. Organic matter is one of the most important things in soil. It is broken down dead plants and animals. To give the soil nutrients.

5. Layers

5.1. Top Soil

5.1.1. Top Soil is the top layer of soil, this is mostly the kind of soil you can put on top of your plants

5.2. Sub Soil

5.2.1. This is the layers right below top soil, it mostly has clay and minerals in it

5.3. Regolith

5.3.1. This is the last layer in soil, it is called Regolith, it has broken rocks and a little bit of organic material in it.