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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Is made of

1.1. Organic Matter

1.2. Definition: When plants and animals die and decay their nutrients seep into the soil.

1.3. It contains.

1.4. The nutrients from leaves that have decayed.

1.5. The nutrients from decayed animals.

1.6. Weathered Rocks

1.7. Sand

1.8. Silt

1.9. Clay

2. Layers Of Soil

2.1. Organic Layer

2.2. The organic layer is made up of decomposed plants and animals. This is the very top layer.

2.3. Top Soil

2.4. Top soil is the layer that is the healthiest and contains the most nutrients for the seeds to grow. Farmers till their soil so that this layer is at the top. This is the second layer of soil.

2.5. Sub Soil

2.6. Sub soil contains minerals such as iron,aluminum oxides, and calcium carbonate. It receives this when water drops into it from the layers above.

2.7. Eluviation Layer

2.8. The Eluviation layer is made up of silt, clay, and sand. This is more than likely the most unhealthy layer of them all because most of the time it doesn't contain any nutrients.

2.9. Parent Material

2.10. Parent material contains bits of broken bedrock and the roots of plants. There is no point in digging up this layer because it will more than likely not contain any nutrients.

2.11. Bedrock

2.12. The bedrock layer is pretty self explanatory. It is made up of bedrock which is a rock.

3. Made by: Maddie

4. What are different types of soil?

4.1. Grasslands the top soil here is very healthy.

4.2. Tropical Grasslands this soil tends to be sticky when wet.

4.3. Desert soil is very dry and sandy.

4.4. Forest soil is healthy and has a moist feeling.