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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Consistence

1.1. Consistence is how the object holds up. Do you have to put a lot of pressure on it? Or is it so soft it just crumbles?

2. Texture

2.1. Texture is how the object feels. In soil's case, is it dry? Dusty? What is your description?

3. Soil is a substance that make plants grow. It is made of many nutrients.

4. Nutrients

4.1. Nutrients are very important for the plant's growth. They give what the soil needs to grow fully. Nutrients are basically Organic Matter.

5. is made of

5.1. Weathered Rocks

5.1.1. Weathered rocks are when the rocks get smaller. This can't happen all at once, it has to do it gradually.

5.2. Sand

5.2.1. Sand is a very grainy layer in soil.

5.3. Silt

5.3.1. Silt is also a layer in the soil. It is not a very big layer, but it is very important to the soil.

5.4. Clay

5.4.1. Last, but not least Clay. Clay is the smallest layer in soil. There isn't very much of it at all.

5.5. Organic Matter

5.5.1. Organic Matter is nutrients for the soil. Without Organic Matter, the plants wouldn't be allowed to grow!

5.5.2. There are three important nutrients in Organic Matter. They are called Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)

6. Layers Of Soil

6.1. The three important layers of soil are Topsoil, Sub Soil, and Parent Material. These are important to soil because these help the plants grow.