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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Sand

2. Weathered Rocks

3. Soil Layers

3.1. Top soil

3.2. Sub Soil

3.3. Weathered Rock

3.4. Solid Rock

4. Is made of

5. Silt

6. Clay

7. Organic Matter

7.1. Organic matter is in the soil and helps the plants grow.

8. Types of Soil

8.1. There is Clay soil and particles are very small and compact

8.2. Also there is Sandy soil and the particles are large

8.3. And the last one is Silt and the particles are a decent size

9. Descrptions

9.1. Soils consist of grains (mineral grains, rock fragments, etc.) with water and air in the voids between grains.

9.2. When parent rock material is exposed to the atmosphere or when organic matter and/or minerals are deposited on the earth's surface, soil formation begins and that's how soil is made

10. Facts about Soil

10.1. One cup of soil may hold as many bacteria as there are people on Earth!!! (about 6 billion)

10.2. Almost all the food, clothes, and lumber are all produced by soil.

10.3. A dingle shovelful can contain more kinds of organisms than live aboveground in the entire Amazon rain forest.