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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Events that have happend

1.1. The Dust Bowl in 1930

1.1.1. Where dust was picked up and it made a huge sandstorm

2. Soil is made of Weathered Rocks

2.1. Sand, Clay, Silt,

3. Types:

3.1. What types of soil come from where.

3.2. Desert Soils

3.3. Forest Soils

3.4. Tropical Grassland Soils

4. Layers of Soil

4.1. Topsoil-

4.2. Subsoil-

4.3. Parent Material-

4.4. Bedrock-

5. Organic Matter

5.1. Nutrients for the Plants

5.1.1. Nutrients Potasium Phosphorus Nitrogen

5.2. Organic Matter is made up of organic compound. Such as animal waste or a decomposed animal also maybe as a dead plant.

6. Soil is made up of minerals (rocks, wood, etc.)

7. How we describe soil Scientifically

7.1. Consistence, Texture, Color

7.1.1. Consistence (Friable-Firm-Loose)

7.1.2. Texture( Gritty-Silky)

7.1.3. Color (brown-light brown-dark brown)