04: '88 Gymnastics Instructor

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04: '88 Gymnastics Instructor by Mind Map: 04: '88 Gymnastics Instructor

1. Special Event: "A Dishonest Task"

2. Receptionist

2.1. I was a little depressed taking a job that paid less

2.2. but I was very happy to do a job that was so compatible with Christian principles

2.3. The mission of the YMCA of Augusta was to offer all persons programs that would enhance a persons mental, spiritual, and physical well-being in a Judeo-Christian environment

2.4. there was nothing about this job that conflicted with doing what I knew was ethically right

2.5. Having been a dance teacher and now also a receptionist, it was just a matter of time before a job opened up in gymnastics

3. Significant Event: "Teaching My First Forward Roll"

3.1. The first day I was ever asked to teach a Girl's gymnastics class, I was scared to death. I had no training in teaching young girls. It was literally a "jump in and swim" experience. While the lead instructor began the class I waited over on the side of the mat unsure of what to do. Finally my boss came up to me and said okay just get in there and help. I remember feeling very awkward not knowing where or how to help this child. I think of this experience in awe that this would be the beginning of what would lead to my career.

3.2. Here God made my weakness strong by developing my teaching skills in an area of comfort (break-dancing) and then moving me into an area that otherwise I never would have dreamed of.

4. Significant Decision: Change of Studies

4.1. Although I was so impressed by business entrepreneurship, I found third year level courses very difficult.

4.2. since I could so easily apply psychology to my coaching, it was an easy choice for me to change my major.