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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Types

1.1. desert soil

1.1.1. Desert soil covers a lot of the the middle part of the United States

1.2. tropical grassland soil

1.2.1. Tropical grassland is in the bottom corner of california

1.3. grassland soils

1.3.1. Grassland soils are all over the United States, but they stick more to the Western Side

1.4. forest soil

1.4.1. Covers all of the Eastern side of the United States

2. Organic matter

2.1. Organic matter is very important for plant to grow

2.2. Organic matter is what gives the soil nutrients

3. Descriptions

3.1. Color

3.1.1. the color is what color the soil is Grayish Reddish Chocolate Brown

3.2. Consistence

3.2.1. Consistence is how strong the soil is Loose Firm friable

3.3. Texture

3.3.1. The texture is how the soil feels Grainy Silky sticky

4. Layers

4.1. Top soil

4.1.1. The topsoil has the most Nutrients

4.2. Subsoil

4.2.1. Sub soil doesn't have as much nutrients

4.3. Parental soil

4.3.1. parent soil barley has any nutrients

4.4. Bedrock

4.4.1. Bedrock doesn't have any nutrients

5. is made of

5.1. Weathered Rocks

5.1.1. clay clay is the smallest out of the 3

5.1.2. silt is is the in the middle of both of them

5.1.3. sand sand is the largest out of the 3

6. Nutrients

6.1. Potassium

6.2. Phosperous

6.3. Nitrogen