Design and Technologies Year 4

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Design and Technologies Year 4 by Mind Map: Design and Technologies  Year 4

1. Knowledge and Understandings

1.1. Technologies and Society

1.1.1. 4.1: Recognise factors that impact on the design of products, services and environments including the role of designers and technologists to meet local community needs

1.2. Engineering Principles and systems

1.2.1. 4.4 Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour and performance of a product or system and how systems can be enhanced through appropriate manipulation and design

2. Processes and production skills

2.1. Generating, developing and evaluating ideas

2.1.1. 4.6 Generate, develop, evaluate, communicate and document design ideas and design decisions using manual and digital technologies

3. Lesson 1:

3.1. Introduction (20mins)

3.1.1. Think, Pair, Share: One word that describes an engineer and something that an engineer might do.

3.1.2. Think, Pair, Share:What is a natural disaster and what are some examples? Can a natural disaster be controlled? Earthquakes Shaking of the earth from sudden movement of tectonic plates

3.2. Body (30 mins)

3.2.1. Brainstorm Engineers and Earthquakes: What impact do they have on each other? Engineers design structures like buildings to withstand earthquakes, reducing the amount of damage inflicted onto the community when an earthquake occurs.

3.2.2. Earthquake Engineers Diagnostic Assessment: Gauge student thinking based on their 'ask' questions.

3.2.3. Engineering Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve ASK PHASE Gallery Walk

3.2.4. Task Details: Design and test an earthquake proof structure using the engineering design process Materials: Up to 30 Mini Marshmallows and 30 toothpicks Must be at least 3 stories high

3.2.5. Conclusion: Model to students how to connect the marshmallows with toothpicks to make a standing/stable structure. Demonstrate how it should look and what should happen when tested on earthquake simulator Create a few different designed structures, using different shapes and different supports to help students start to think about their own design.

4. Brainstorn

5. Learning Goals

5.1. Identify what an engineer does

5.2. Identify the effects of an earthquake on a community

5.3. Identify the role engineers play in reducing the damage earthquakes can cause

5.4. "ASK' questions about engineers and earthquakes and their connections

5.5. 'ASK' questions about their task and what is expected of them