My Foundation of Educations

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My Foundation of Educations by Mind Map: My Foundation of Educations

1. z

2. The sociology of Education

2.1. The purpose of sociological inquiry is to focus on the influence of schooling on equity and opportunity for students.

2.2. Functional theory: functional sociologist assess the interdependence of the social system.

2.3. international theories: international sociologist take a up close view of the interactions between students/ students and teachers/teachers.

2.4. conflict theories: conflict sociologist assert that society is not held together by shared values alone, but on the ability of dominant groups to impose their will on subordinate groups.

2.5. tracking; in a tracking system, the entire school population is assigned to classes according to weather the students overall achievement is above average or not

2.6. schools reinforce larger cultural messages about Gender including the idea that gender is an essential characteristic for organizing social life

3. foundations of education

3.1. four issues in education.

3.1.1. Poverty in schools. assesment issues

3.2. Items to be Delivered

3.3. Extent

3.3.1. Included

3.3.2. Included

3.3.3. Excluded

4. Politics of education

4.1. NEO-Liberal

4.1.1. Is a combination of both conervative and liberal perspectives. they critique failing traditional schools and attribute school failures to teacher unions, teacher tenure, layoff based on seniority, and the absence of school, teacher, and student accountability

4.1.2. Services

4.1.3. Duration

4.2. Liberal

4.2.1. concerned with equality and balancing the economic productivity of capitalism with the social and economics needs of the people

4.3. conservative

5. Actions

5.1. Define Project Schedule

5.1.1. Dependencies

5.1.2. Milestones

5.2. Limitations

5.2.1. Schedule

5.2.2. Budget

5.3. Define Project Development Measurement

5.3.1. KPI's

6. History of Education

6.1. 1785 and 1787 land ordinace act.

6.2. school funding comes from the property tax, statefunds, local sales tax, and to a small extent, federal government.

6.3. 1821 first public high school opened

6.4. 1855 first kindergarden in the united states

6.5. 1896 plessy vs. fergueson.

6.6. 1909- First junior high opened in columbus, ohio

6.7. 1932 roosevelts new deal Education programs

6.8. 1964-1965 Head start funded

6.9. 1972 title IX- prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex

6.10. 1983- A nation at risk.

6.11. 2002- No child left behind act

6.11.1. Focused on standardized testing sanctioned failing schools.

7. The philosophys of Education

7.1. Realism

7.1.1. Teacher Led

7.1.2. TRaditonal

7.1.3. Back to basic cirriculum

7.1.4. Orderly enviorment

7.2. Idealsim

7.3. Teacher Led

7.4. Shuns Text books

7.5. NO electives

7.6. Progmatism

7.7. Student-led

7.8. TEacher is Facilatator

7.9. Learn by doing

7.10. Lots of group work

7.11. NEO Marxism

7.11.1. Student LEd

7.11.2. Social reconstruction

7.11.3. Bettering society

7.11.4. Flexible curriculum

7.11.5. Existentailism WOOl Chicken

8. The functionalist vison of a just society is one where individual taent and hard are based on universal principles of evaluation.

8.1. Functionalist ecpect that the process of school will produce unequal results but that the result shouldn be due to indvidual diffrences between students