Design and Technologies yr 5/6: Learning Experience 1

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Design and Technologies yr 5/6: Learning Experience 1 by Mind Map: Design and Technologies yr 5/6: Learning Experience 1

1. Cross-Curriculum Learning Experiences

1.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories

1.1.1. Considering traditional and contemporary methods of food preparation used in a variety of cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methods

1.2. Sustainability

1.2.1. Experimenting with tools, equipment, combining ingredients and techniques to design and make food products or meals for selected groups for healthy eating taking into consideration environmental impacts and nutritional benefits

2. Teaching and learning strategies

2.1. Step 1: Have the terms food preparation, food safety and hygiene written on the whiteboard

2.2. Step 2: Students individually complete the K and W section in a KWL chart. Stating what they think they know about these topics and what they want to find out. Discuss students responses as a whole class.

2.3. Step 3: Watch a click view video clip on food preparation, food safety and hygiene

2.4. Step 4: Create a class Mind-Meister brainstorm on this theme. Keep building ideas on it each week and use it as a recapping tool.

2.5. Step 5: In pairs students will find the differences between food safety and hygiene by using drawing two columns on mini-whiteboards and collaborating.

2.6. Step 6: Give one, get one strategy will then be used for students to share ideas and also gain ideas they did not have.

2.7. Step 7: Class discussion on students responses about the differences between food safety and hygiene. Add this information to the class Mind-Meister.

3. Resources

3.1. Whiteboard

3.2. KWL chart for each student

3.3. Click-view player

3.4. Interactive whiteboard

3.5. Mind-Meister program

3.6. Mini-whiteboards

3.7. Whiteboard markers

3.8. Interactive timer tool

4. Focus Questions

4.1. What do you already know or think you know about these topics?

4.2. What were two things you learnt from the video?

4.3. What are some key ideas we need to add under food preparation, food safety and food hygiene headings?

4.4. What is food poisoning? What causes it?

4.5. What differences did you find between food safety and hygiene? How did you get your answer?

5. Theme: Food safety and Hygiene

5.1. Australian Technologies Curriculum

5.1.1. Investigate the role of food preparation in maintaining good health and the importance of food safety and hygiene (ACTDEK022) Students work in pairs to identify and sequence steps needed for a design task. Uses a range of technologies such as Interactive whiteboard, Mind-Meister and Click-view player Describing and using safety guidelines for food storage and preparation at home and school, for example use and care of chopping boards; methods of preparing and storing fruits and vegetables to ensure optimum quality and nutrient content