My Foundations of Education

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My Foundations of Education by Mind Map: My Foundations of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. The conservative viewpoint.

1.1.1. The best should be rewarded.

1.1.2. Competition makes people try harder, thus making more efficient teachers.

1.1.3. Free market capitalism allows for max economic growth and individual liberty

1.2. Traditional

1.2.1. Everyone has to work hard if they want to succeed in whatever they do.

1.2.2. Keeping family close is essential in accomplishing one's goals.

1.2.3. One's accomplishments should not be shared for the benefit of someone else who has not worked as hard.

2. History of U.S. Education

2.1. Pedagogical Progressive

2.1.1. Experiential helps finds students strengths and weaknesses, thus helping the teacher find the best way to reach the student.

2.1.2. Curriculum that goes in favor of both the student and the times is definitely important if the student wants to be able to contribute the most to society.

2.1.3. Individualism and creativity definitely helps the student stay engaged and interested in what they are learning.

2.2. Historical Interpretation

3. Sociological Perspectives

4. Philosophy ofEducation

4.1. Functional Theory.

4.1.1. Durkheim believes that moral values were the foundation of society.

4.1.2. Educational reform creates structures, programs, and curricula that are technically advanced.

4.2. Teacher Behavior

4.2.1. Teachers must be positive influences on students if they truly want the students to succeed.

4.3. Inadequate Schools

4.3.1. The quality of education varies from school to school, and having a quality education is the most important thing for a student.

4.4. Employment

5. Schools as Organiations

6. Curriculum and Pedagog

7. Educational Inequalit

8. Educational Reform

9. Equality of Opportunity