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Proffesion by Mind Map: Proffesion

1. Intrapersonal

1.1. You can share your map with anyone via email

1.2. You can publish your map and enable anyone with an internet access to find it

1.3. You can embed your map on a blog or website

2. Interpersonal

3. Bodily/Kinesthetic

4. Naturalistic

5. Visual/Spatial intelligence

5.1. Which professions are distinguished by special attire and symbols?

6. Naturalist intelligence

6.1. Visit the MindMeister Academy to learn all the tricks and become a great mapper in no time!

6.1.1. Which profession do you like?

7. Musical intelligence

7.1. What kind of music like a doctor?

7.1.1. Which professions enjoy classical music?

8. Logical/Mathematic

8.1. What is deficient professions?

8.2. What are the most common professions?

8.2.1. What are the most common professions?

9. Verbal/Linguistic