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Renaissance by Mind Map: Renaissance

1. Treaty of Lodi

1.1. Alliance between Firenze,Milano and Napoli

1.2. A secret allied was the pope

1.3. This alliance broke up when Firenze invaded Milano

2. Firenze

2.1. Was a great center of culture during end of midle ages and beginnings of Renaissance

2.2. Great masters such as Boccaccio and Alighieri were rom here

2.3. Lorenzo Medici give vast amounts of money for arts

2.4. Florence became the most important place in literature, esculture,architecture and painting

3. Government

3.1. Italy was divided in litle kingdoms

3.2. The majority of kingdoms such as Naples were monarchy

3.3. Venice and Florence were supposedly republics

4. Urbanization

4.1. In 12th century Italy start to grow up population

4.2. cities were strategic point to commerce to muslim empire such as the species and the silk road

4.3. cities of Italy became important banking and commerce center such as Venice

5. Society

5.1. The commerce modified the social structure

5.2. The nobility starts to have less power

5.3. The merchant class starts to have money and power

6. Slavery

6.1. The slavery in Europe was again restablished

6.2. Most of slaves were muslims

6.3. The slaves were domestic servants