Genetics by Jason Lin

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Genetics by Jason Lin by Mind Map: Genetics by Jason Lin

1. Mutations in DNA

1.1. Genetic Diseases

1.1.1. What are scientists doing to cure this?

1.1.2. What is the most prominent disease that has advancing research occurring?

1.2. Causes of Mutations

1.2.1. What are the causes of mutations?

1.3. Outside Force Alters DNA

1.3.1. How does a pregnant woman affect her baby in the womb by outside forces such as smoking, pollution, etc.?

1.3.2. What diseases are out there that result from the overexposure of certain materials?

1.3.3. Can it be cured after it is affected?

2. Gene Therapy

2.1. Human Genome Project

2.1.1. What are some of the new advancements/ information discovered?

2.1.2. Is this still an operating and thriving project?

2.1.3. What issues did they have to solve to get to where they are now?

2.2. Process

2.2.1. What are new processes that can make it more effective?

2.3. Pharmocogenomics

2.3.1. How does this work?

2.3.2. How is this advancing?

2.3.3. Does it target one specific gene in an individual or can it work as a group?

3. Gene Manipulation

3.1. Designer Babies

3.1.1. What would happen if this was perfected/allowed?

3.1.2. How would Charles Darwin's Natural Selection and variation change because of this?

3.2. Testing

3.2.1. Who or what is getting tested on?

3.2.2. What happens before and after the testing?

3.2.3. If the testing portion passes, how will the public be affected?

3.2.4. Was Dolly the Sheep ethical? (Connection to Animal Ethical Issues)

3.3. Ethical Issues

3.3.1. Humans Is human testing ethical if it is voluntary? What ethical issues can humans solve? Should embryos be given the same rights as human beings?

3.3.2. Animals How far is too far? Is testing one animal better than another? (i.e. mouse instead of an elephant) Was Dolly the Sheep ethical? (Connection to Testing) Has testing been usually successful? Is the death of multiple animals worth the lives of a few humans?

4. History and Discovery

4.1. Gregor Mendel Discovers Genetics

4.1.1. What processes did he go go through to discover genetics?

4.1.2. Any ethical issues?

4.1.3. Was this idea rejected or widely accepted at first? How did the public take it?

4.2. Charles Darwin and Natural Selection

4.2.1. How does this affect our thoughts about animals?

4.2.2. How does relate to a human evolutionary theory?

5. Heredity

5.1. Acquiring Traits from Parents

5.1.1. Should parents have children if they are carriers of certain diseases?

5.1.2. How does this relate to natural selection?

5.2. Evolution

5.2.1. Are there clear signs of human evolution?

5.2.2. How do we know we evolved from primates?

5.2.3. Are we still evolving? If not, why? What factors impact this?

5.2.4. How have animals evolved?