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BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Nursing) C33 by Mind Map: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Nursing) C33

1. Helps Students

1.1. Develop literacy and language skills

1.2. Develop numeracy

1.3. Other learning skills

2. Location

2.1. South west, Bunbury

2.2. Joondalup

2.2.1. Building 21, Nursing and Midwifery Building

3. Study Mode/Duration

3.1. Full time: 3 years

3.2. Part time: 6 years

4. Staff

4.1. Head of School

4.1.1. Di Twigg

4.2. Undergraduate Co-ordinator

4.2.1. Fiona Foxall

4.3. 1st year Co-ordinator

4.3.1. Ailsing Smith

4.4. 2nd year Co-ordinator

4.4.1. Caroline Vhfeas

4.5. 3rd year Co-ordinator

4.5.1. Doreen Collyer

4.6. Clinical/International Co-ordinator

4.6.1. Tania Beamont

4.7. Librarian

4.7.1. Michelle Tan (Building 31)

5. Course comprises 3 streams of study

5.1. Nursing Concepts and Skills

5.2. Applied Health Science

5.3. Nursing Practice

6. Student information Centre

6.1. Help with pathways

6.2. General advice

6.3. Unit changes

6.4. Advanced Standing

7. Rural/International Partnerships

7.1. Overseas Clinical placements

7.1.1. Loas

7.1.2. Phillipines

7.1.3. Thailand

7.1.4. Tanzania

8. Hospital Partnerships (Prac placements)

8.1. Stage 2

8.1.1. Joondalup Health Campus

8.1.2. Osbourne Park Hospital

8.1.3. Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

8.2. Stage 3

8.2.1. Saint John of God (Subiaco)

8.2.2. Swan Kalamunda Hospital

8.2.3. Royal Perth Hospital

8.2.4. Mercy Hospital

9. Academic Skills

9.1. Faculty Numeracy Adviser

9.1.1. Ron Monson

9.2. School Learning Adviser

9.2.1. Maureen Buckingham

9.3. Conduct Workshops

9.4. Hold assignment drop in sessions

9.5. Offer on-line resources

9.6. Provide support through individual/Group meetings

9.7. Centre location J04.208

10. Undergraduate Nursing Program

10.1. Access to state-of-the-art facilites

10.2. Simulation suites

10.3. Demonstration wards

10.4. Promotes scenario based learning

11. Risk management Documents

11.1. Blood test for serology

11.2. Immunisations up-to-date

11.3. TB screening and X-ray

11.4. Criminal screening

11.5. Working with children screening

11.6. Manual Handling certificate

11.7. CPR certificate

12. Career Planning/Volunteering/Peer Mentoring

12.1. Investigate which hospitals offer post graduate employment oppourtunities

12.2. Volunteer at Nursing homes/shelters to gain experience communication skills, develop self awareness

12.3. Investigate jobs in nursing field - what can nursing offer in broadening skills, job oppourtunities

12.4. Create a resume, practise interview process/technique, join mentoring programs offered on campus, increase confidence, meet new people and learn how to develop time management skills

12.5. website for more information

12.6. Whilst on campus join mentoring program and meet existing students who can help with developing leadership skills, increase self confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, increase interpersonal and communication skills

13. Extra curricular Activities

13.1. Increases chance of employment by improving ability to meet/communicate with people on campus, increases healthy lifestyle, helps develop better studying skills, get to know fellow students forming friendships, gain study partners

13.2. Promotes setting smart goals to develop skills in achieving realistic, timely, specific goals to help with studying, exams, assignments

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15. Summary

15.1. ECU offers a comprehensive nursing course with various links to help guide future nurses on their journey into the workforce. Together with peer mentoring, encouragement towards volunteer work, getting involved in extra-curricular activities and a link to their career hub, ECU enhances future students employment opportunities and personal attributes.