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Home Page by Mind Map: Home Page

1. Live Feed of financial news

1.1. right sidebar upper side

1.1.1. RSS API?

2. Live tweeter feed

2.1. Right sidebar after Financial News

3. Major forex index RSS

3.1. Left sidebar Upperside

3.1.1. API?

4. Selling content

4.1. center of the page

4.1.1. Quick video with package content What you get How it will benefit you

4.1.2. testimonial carousel

4.1.3. package carousel an icon w/ a short description for each type of content. i.e.: 40 hours of videos, 250 pages of educational content etc

4.1.4. Market commentary External redaction

4.1.5. Youtube channel snippet/carousel? Existing channel of BourseBinaire? Translating the videos? Carousel of testimonial videos uploaded on the youtube channel?

4.1.6. Free Trial?

5. Login/Signup

5.1. Upper Center of the page

5.2. Lower Center of the page