Too many people go to university

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Too many people go to university by Mind Map: Too many people go to university


1.1. Claire Fox

1.1.1. Universities just aren't what they used to be, offering what is "promiscuously termed higher education"

1.1.2. Education is now sold as a means to non educational ends, "less dreams, more utilitarian nightmare".

1.1.3. What's on offer to the many is dumbed down, third rate rubbish.

1.2. Jenna Nicholas

1.2.1. Government state school/private school entrance targets destroy the true sense of education.

1.2.2. Many students would be better suited to vocational training. University qualifications are not the only ones that count.

1.2.3. Too many graduates can't find employment.

1.3. Anatole Kaletsky

1.3.1. University can be harmful to students who should not have gone.

1.3.2. The skills taught are simply inappropriate for most of the job market.

1.3.3. Human skills are varied, why should those who do not go to university be seen as failures?


2.1. Baroness Onora O'Neill

2.1.1. Universities aren't meant to be what they used to be. 50 years ago you didn't need a degree to get a job. Now you do.

2.1.2. The problem, if anything, is people who have given up on educational ambition a long time before they get to university

2.1.3. Fees are minimal and a bargain.

2.2. Ceci Mourkogiannis

2.2.1. We can afford a more intellectual society.

2.2.2. Universities benefit society and the economy.

2.2.3. Everybody deserves the chance to go.

2.3. Mary Ann Sieghart

2.3.1. Yes universities have drop-out rates that are too high and some standards that are too low; but that's not the same as saying too many people go.

2.3.2. We can only compete on a national scale if we have a highly educated workforce.

2.3.3. Graduate unemployment is miniscule and they earn more than non-graduates.

3. Questions from the floor

3.1. Is there a distinction between universities and further education?

3.1.1. Claire Fox Not any more!

3.1.2. Sir Clement Freud The government has done its best to make everything that's not a super casino into a university.

3.2. What do you think about the many foreign graduates who come to England for work?

3.2.1. Anatole Kaletsky It reflects the spread of talent worldwide and is good for our economy.

3.3. Is university any longer enough? It seems that one degree will no longer do.

3.3.1. Anatole Kaletsky The significance of a first degree has been diluted because so many people have one.