the witch hunt

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the witch hunt by Mind Map: the witch hunt

1. cause

1.1. King William's war brought many "witches"/refugees.

1.1.1. Recruit Project Sponsor

1.1.2. Recruit Project Manager

1.1.3. Review Related Projects and Lessons Learned

1.1.4. Prepare Project Initiation Plan

1.1.5. Brief the Initial Project Team

1.1.6. Review Project Kick-off Plans and Presentation Map

1.1.7. Hold Project Kick-off Meeting

2. event

2.1. Salem accused 100's of the refugees

2.1.1. Determine Frequency of Meetings

2.1.2. Schedule Meetings

2.1.3. Brief Project Board

2.1.4. Prepare Meetings

2.1.5. Conduct Meetings

2.1.6. Follow-up Meeting

3. effects

3.1. About 100 years later Massututes said sorry for they're ansesters

3.1.1. Prepare Product Evaluation

3.1.2. Conduct Product Evaluation

3.1.3. Initiate Maintenance Process