GREATdepression-How can we prepare for the worst of an economic downturn?

to help with my research into the Great Depression.

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GREATdepression-How can we prepare for the worst of an economic downturn? by Mind Map: GREATdepression-How can we prepare for the worst of an economic downturn?

1. "EconomicDownturn" ?

1.1. also known as RECESSION

1.2. when unemployment rates rise

1.3. usually believed to be orignated from drop of spending.

1.4. GDP=the amount of exported goods produced within a country per year.

1.5. household income

2. Levels of Depression

2.1. Normal

2.2. Mild

2.3. Moderate

2.4. Severe

3. How did it affect people MENTALLY ?

3.1. many men believed they couldn`t get jobs and so just gave up

3.2. some poeple thought that by sticking together they could get through it

3.3. Ways to prepare;

3.3.1. think of how much we love our family

3.3.2. stay positive

4. Who Suffered ?

4.1. the poor

4.1.1. the poor got even more poorer because they were left jobless and if they couldn`t support their family on what they already had then how could they support their family with nothing?

4.2. African-Americans

4.2.1. most African-Americans were the first to be let go from jobs

4.3. Mexicans that lived in America

4.3.1. they were recommended to go back to Mexico

5. How did this affect families?

5.1. some families stuck together and get through it together.

5.2. some families fell apart

5.3. the birth rate decreased due to not having enough financial funds to care for another life

5.4. many couples kept their wedding on hold because they didn`t have sufficient funds

5.5. in 1940 a survey revealed that 1.5million men had walked out on their wives&families.

5.6. for many families or anyone the only food they ate all day was food from SoupKitchens

6. How did it affect people PHYSICALLY?

6.1. there were often times in poor families when there wasn`t enough food or they had to do with what they had

6.2. Many children suffered from RICKETS.

6.2.1. Rickets; a disease often caused by lack of Vitamin D / calcium. When bones are very fragile and often leads to fractured/broken bones.

6.3. Ways to prepare;

6.3.1. store food canned food milk powder water pain killers

6.3.2. have spare necessities around clothes blankets towels first aid kits

6.3.3. plant a garden