Learning through cognitive development

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Learning through cognitive development by Mind Map: Learning through cognitive development

1. Suzanne's perspective

1.1. I agree more with Vgotsky and his theory of cognitive development based on an Adult has leadership over a child and a child looks up to the adult for leadership and guidance in their educational development.



3. Children attempt more difficult tasks with Adult assistance

4. Adults direction is internalized thru a students self talk

5. Piaget

5.1. Arwa's perspective

5.1.1. The process of cognitive development takes time to progress. The are certain factors that influence development such as: interaction with family, teachers, community members, and environment fosters cognitive development.

6. Vygotsky

7. Children control their own cognitive development

7.1. C

8. social activities lead to internalization of complex cognitive processing

9. Zone of Proximal Development

9.1. Learning through step by step process of reading

10. Children have concrete operations beginning at 4-7yrs

10.1. Play increases learning

11. Constructive process

11.1. social forces elements for development

11.1.1. Piaget

12. Similarities

12.1. View on education

12.1.1. Teachers are facilitators & guides

13. Key processes

14. Minimal Role of language

14.1. existing skill

15. Language shapes the child's thoughts

16. Differences

16.1. Vygotsky learning differences by environment

16.2. Assimilating knowledge in order

16.3. schema represents events or concepts

17. Challenge makes maxium growth

18. Theories of Cognitive thought

19. Theories of Behaviorism