Getting your app reviewed

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Getting your app reviewed by Mind Map: Getting your app reviewed

1. Subject/Headline

1.1. An app can be overlooked based on your message subject alone

1.1.1. word it carefully

1.2. Clearly state the name of the app and summarize what it does

1.3. DON'T just title your message "I can haz review?"

2. Content

2.1. who

2.1.1. what's the audience for the app? Doctors, gamers, bicyclists, parents, drivers? Be specific.

2.2. what

2.2.1. Exactly what does it do?

2.2.2. What makes it unique, if there are other similar apps

2.3. why

2.3.1. Why did you create the app?

2.3.2. Why do you think it will be a success?

2.3.3. Why do you think it will be of interest to our readers?

2.4. where/when

2.4.1. is it currently available in the app store?

2.4.2. if not, when was it submitted?

2.4.3. Do we need an ad hoc build to test?

3. Tone

3.1. Be excited

3.2. Be slightly casual

3.2.1. don't be a PR machine

3.2.2. don't be overly relaxed Pay attention to grammar and spelling If you're translating, find a fluent or native English-speaker to proofread

3.3. Be gracious

3.3.1. Thank the recipient for their time

3.3.2. Don't pressure anyone for a review let your app speak for itself

3.3.3. Don't tell sob stories Your sick grandma and/or college tuition are not going to get you a review. Only a quality app will do that.

3.4. Be brief

3.4.1. 4 paragraphs, max

4. Target

4.1. Research the blog and writers

4.1.1. Know that your app is pertinent to the blog's target audience

4.1.2. if you notice one writer who matches your niche, it's ok to attempt to make a personal contact Google is your friend same rules apply when contacting individual bloggers

4.1.3. Has a competing app been reviewed? Contact the writer of that review directly with reasons why your app should be considered

4.2. Be persistent

4.2.1. no response? If you get no response from an initial email, try again when you have an update

4.2.2. Heard from a writer? Stay in touch Check in with them periodically, but don't nag or pressure no more than one email a week