Information Product Ideas

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Information Product Ideas by Mind Map: Information Product Ideas

1. Additional length of time for subscriptions (as a bonus)

2. Software

3. Makeovers or hotseats

4. Done For You Services

5. Extended support

6. Additional training (in-person, phone, chat-based)

7. Document templates or plans

8. Call-in days

9. Coaching club

10. Teleseminar or webinar

11. Live In-person seminar

12. Additional products or services (as a bonus)

13. Transcripts

13.1. Video Transcripts

13.2. Audio Transcripts

13.3. Screencast Transcripts

14. Interactive tutorials or self-assessments.

15. Quick start guides

16. Rolodex - contact lists for vendors, potential partners, or other relevant companies and resources

17. Access to membership areas.

18. Free or discounted updates.

19. Case studies

20. Exclusive follow-up subscriptions.

21. Phone or email consultation.

22. Worksheets, spreadsheets, and checklists

23. Video as download or on DVD

24. Audio as download or on CD

25. Services that relate to the product.