Card shuffler project focus

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Card shuffler project focus by Mind Map: Card shuffler project focus

1. Context

1.1. Needs to have moving parts

1.2. Needs to be able to shuffle a deck of cards

1.3. Needs to be accessible to a wide variety of people

1.4. How will the product ensure that the deck is properly shuffled and fast in doing so?

2. Aesthetics

2.1. What colours would appeal to a wide variety of people?

2.2. A good finish on the product can make it more appealing for the user

2.3. Interview consumer about design choices

2.4. How could the design link in with the idea of cards?

3. Consumer

3.1. How much will they pay for the product?

3.2. What appeals to the buyer/user?

3.3. Who will be the main target audience?

4. Cost

4.1. Ways to keep costs down

4.1.1. Use cheaper, reliable materials

4.1.2. Use cheap manufacture methods

4.1.3. Create the product in batches

4.1.4. Don't make the project too big so it is cheaper to make

4.1.5. Don't over complicate the circuit so that less components need to be bought

4.2. How much would people be willing to pay for this product?

4.2.1. Interview people and see what price the product should be

4.2.2. Investigate similar products on the market and see if there are any patterns in the prices.

5. Environment

5.1. Where will the product be used?

5.1.1. Inside Can be battery powered but probably mains powered No need for waterproof materials

5.1.2. Outside Needs to be portable Needs to be battery powered Needs to be lightweight Needs to be waterproof and resistant

6. Safety

6.1. How will the product be safe for anyone to use?

6.1.1. No sharp edges

6.1.2. No non-insulated electric wires

6.1.3. Needs to have the input somewhere suitable

7. Size

7.1. How big will it have to be hold all the electronics?

7.2. Can't be too big as it will drive up the cost

7.3. How big is an average deck of cards?

7.4. How big will the product have to be to fit all sizes of decks?

8. Function

8.1. What parts will move?

8.1.1. How will they move? (Up, down/ around)?

8.2. how will it interact with the user?

8.3. How will the product completely randomise a deck of cards?

9. Materials

9.1. Woods

9.1.1. Softwoods Pine? Ash? Beech?

9.1.2. Hardwoods Oak? Maple? Cherry?

9.1.3. Man-made woods Plywood? Chipboard? MDF?

9.2. Metals

9.2.1. Ferrous Carbon steel? Cast iron?

9.2.2. Non-ferrous Aluminium? Copper?

9.3. Plastics

9.3.1. Polypropylene?

9.3.2. Polystyrene?

9.4. The materials used will depend on the environment and manufacture processes available

10. Components

10.1. Input

10.1.1. PTM switch

10.1.2. Motion sensor

10.1.3. Pressure pad

10.1.4. LDR

10.2. Process

10.2.1. Microprocessor

10.3. Output

10.3.1. Light LED Bulb LED strip Seven-segment display LCD

10.3.2. Movement Motors DC motor DC Servo motor Stepper motor Solenoid Pnuematics

11. Manufacturing methods

11.1. How can manufacturing methods be kept down?

11.1.1. Mass production?

11.1.2. Batch production?

11.1.3. Cheap materials and methods?

11.2. Processes

11.2.1. 3D printing?

11.2.2. Vacuum forming?

11.2.3. Injection moulding?

11.2.4. Laser cutting?

11.2.5. Casting?

11.2.6. Wielding?

11.2.7. Soldering?