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Internet Marketing Online Map (c) 2010 Alex Goodall by Mind Map: Internet Marketing
Online Map
(c) 2010 Alex Goodall
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Internet Marketing Online Map (c) 2010 Alex Goodall



Animations, Animations, How To, How to create animated images in Adobe Image Ready

Affiliate Stores, Affiliate Stores, Products/Services, StoreStacker

Amazon S3

Article Marketing, Untitled, Sub-topics, Article Writing, How to write articles using Mind Maps, Article Re-Writing, Power Article Re-Writer, Creates very many versions of an article, Article Submission, Products/Services,

Article Marketing


Autoresponders, Understanding, Self-Hosting or 3rd Party Hosting?, Franks Rumbauskas: "Self-Hosted"

Advertising, Sub-topics, CPM, Banner Advertising, Understanding, What is it?, Sub-topics, Using Advertising Networks, Understanding, What is it?, How To, Tips from Matt Trainer's Sytem, Notes about "Media Buys", Pro/Con, Pros, Unlimited Traffic, (Estimated 70% of all internet traffic is medai buys), Cheaper than PPC of done right, Easier to manage than PPC, Cons, Can be a major time suck, is relationship driven, people wil lie to you, takes time to get relationships, Can lose your ass overnight if done wrong, Management is stilla bitch, Hard to automate, (but Matt has a system!), Network examples, Ad networks,, not known as an ad network (more later - very cool), Pulse 360, Self-service network, very flexible,, brokers for traffic / remnants, Self Managed Networks, Google content network, Adsonar, Pulse 360, Self-service network, very flexible, IO (Insersion Order) Essentials, What has to be in it, Even delivery, i.e. traffic is evenly delivered over all the period agreed, Net 30 days, Pay after 30 days, Cannot get this right away, but aim to get it ASAP, Frequency cap = 1, Each person visiting site, sees your ad once in each 24 hour period, Can increase this one you have good conversions, 24 hour "out clause", You have 24 (or 48) hours to test traffic and cancel order of not working well, Bill Based Off Yor Numbers, You need to instal your own ad server on your site, Must use a well known one for them to agree to this, US only trafific, initially, Ad Servers, Why use your own?, Allows you to control your own campaigns, Allows you to track impressions, Allows automated optimization, Veryt important, Can automatically rotate a number of banners, check click-throughs and optimize which to display, Recommended Ad Servers,, Very, very good,, Open Source, Very good, but, Probably won't be able to bill off own numbers,, Very nice, but expensive, Banners, Banner creation tools recommended,, Animated gif, Static gif, Some flash,, Full flash, Cheap, KeywordRockstar (latest version), Automated image creation based on Adword ads, Latest version puts boarder on images, which allows them to be used on networks other than Google (which often insist on having a boarder), Best sizes, 250 x 250, 300 x 300, 300 x 250, 120 x 60, 160 x 60, Best performing ads, Untitled, Tips, IF you know which sites you are going on (often you don't), EITHER, Blend in, OR, STAND OUT BIG (most often), CTR should be 2% or higher, Start with $2 CPM ($2 per 1,000 clicks), Adjust later as needed, Use Zedo!, Zedo handles all of it for you!!, Give them target conversion, They manage everything!, Choose traffic sources, Adjust everything automatically, Full video (1 hour+) May not be available permanently, Finding advertising sites yourself, Understanding, What is it?, Resources, Hard Cash HiJack

Adwords, See Google Adwords

Adsense, See Google Adsense

Backlinks, Backlinks, Subtopics, Link Building, One-way Links, Products/Services, Angela Edwards' WSO, NextGenLinks, 30 Minute Backlinks, BruteForce Linking Loophole, PADBot, Techniques, Publish content to Publishing Sites, Publish to Software Download Sites, How To, Post by LMC in Warrior Forum, Convert any file into a .exe file, Resources, PAD Files, Software Download sites, Products, 30 Minute Backlinks, See Also Publishing Sites, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Reciprocal Links, TBC, Checking for Backlinks, How To, Exact Number of Backlinks - Google Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Siteexplorer??, Resources, Recommended, Open Site Explorer

Backups, Backups, Sub-topics, Website backup, Resources, Backup Smart, Site Backup CP, See also, Backing up & restoring your website on cPanel, Blog backup, Hard drive backup, See also, Online Storage, Mailing lists backup, Account data backup

Blogs & Blogging, Blogs & Blogging, Sub-topics, Blog Monetization, Social, Widgets, WordPress

Business Administration, Business Administration

Browers & Browsing, See Web Browsers & Browsing

Collatboration Tools, Collaboration Tools, Sub-topics, Project Collaboration Environments, Teleseminars & Webinars

Content Management Systems, Understanding, What is a Content Management System?, What CMSs are there and where can I find them?, See also, How to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. etc. on your site, Drupal, Understanding, Structure of a Drupal Page, Contains One..., Content Area, Is made up of one or more..., Node, which is one of, Story, Blog Post, Forum Post, Custom Node, Is managed by you via the Drupal Admin, Contains None or more..., Region, Containing one or more..., Block, Is made up of, Title, Body Text, Is a piece of Content, is..., A physical place on the page in relation to the Content Area, e.g., Left Nav Bar, Defined by the Theme, Uses, Drupal for Paid Membership Sites, UberCart, e-Commerce, Drupal for Community Sites, Acquia, Joomla, Comparisons, Drupal vs. Joomla

cPanel, cPanel, Subtopics, Backing up & restoring your website using cPanel, Managing email, Understanding, What is a Default Address, Why you should use :fail: instead of :blackhole: for Default Address, If you forward emails, do you need to create an account as well?, How to, How to Forward Emails, Open topic to watch video, Email Forwarding Video, See, How to stop unwanted email accumulating on your web server, Getting rid of unwanted emails from account you created, Getting rid of spam sent to your default email account, See, How to manage emails from Cron jobs, How to set Default Address to :fail:, See also, Email Management (General), Cron Jobs, Understanding, What is a Cron Job, How to, How to manage emails from Cron jobs, Adding applications & functionality to your site, Understanding, What is this?, How to, How to install WordPress, Joomla Drupal etc. etc. on your site, Sub-Domains, Understanding, Sub-Domains, See, Folders vs. Subdomains for SEO

Clickbank, Finding profitable Clickbank products,

CPM, Understanding, More

Domains, What domains do you need?, Sales site / membership site for a product / service, Site for your company, Company administration, Your name, Referral domain, Your blog, Products/Services, Domain registrars,,

Download Page, Understanding, What is a Download Page?, Sub-Topics

Desktop Tools


eBooks, Sub-topics, eBook Generators, Products/Services, JansFreeware

eZines, Specialization(s), Videozines

Email, Email Management, Services,,, Sub-topics, Email Management on cPanel, Email List Management, List Management, Email signatures

Favicon, Understanding, What is a Favicon?, How To, How to convert an image to a favicon, How to make a favicon appear on your site, How to make a favicon appear on your WordPress blog

Feedback, Sub-topics, Feedback Forms

Firefox, See Web Browsers & Browsing

Forums, Specialization, Internet Marketing Forums, Warrior Forum, Webmaster-Talk, Sub-topics, Forums for traffic generation, See also, Forum signatures, Forum signatures

FrontPage, Understanding, Status of Front Page, Sub-topics, Dynamic Web Templates, How change regions

Google, Untitled, Sub-topics, Page Rank, Understanding, Wikipedia article, Google Adwords, Understanding, Introduction to the Ad Auction Concept Excellent explanation., Untitled, Google Adsense, How to, Creating Adsense Blogs, Subtopics, Adsense Templates, See also, SEO

Integrated Packages, Products/Services, Surefire Profit System, Delavo, 1 Shopping Cart, ....

Keyword Research, Checking competitiveness of keywords, Products/Services, Free, Keyword Difficulty Tools, Paid for, Gsearch tool (WSO), Getting keyword suggestions, Products/services, Free, Free Wordtracker Suggestion Tool, Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool

Link Building, See Link Building

Lists, Sub-topics, List Building, Techniques, Using Software Download Sites, List Management, See Email Management

MasterMind Groups, Resources, Martin Avis eBook, Good overview from Simon Payne, Evan Carmichael's mastermind groups in Toronto

Membership Sites / Member Areas

Niche Marketing, Subtopics, Niche Research, Techniques, Magazines, Resources, Amazon Magazines, Magazine Agent, Twitter, Resources, Categories in Twellow, Sites With Categories, Resources, eBay Categories, Amazon Site Directory, eZine Articles, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, Product Research

Online Storage, Sub-Topics, Amazon S3, Understanding, What is it?, How To, Manage & Access Content on Amazon S3, Video tutorial by Perry Lawrence, Fix a potential security issue in S3, How to set up securely - WSO from Wilson Mattos, Resources, Admin interface to S3, Firefox Plugin - S3Fox Organizer, Cloudberry, Understanding, Wikipedia ref

Open ID

PAD Files, PAD Files, Understanding, What are PAD files?, How to, How to make a PAD File, Products/Services, Google Search: PAD Sumbission Tools

Page Rank, See Page Rank

Photoshop, How To, How to create animated images

PLR, See Resell Rights

Product Development, Subtopics, Shareware

Product Research

Project Collaboration, Environments, ComindWork, Commerical - Hosted System, Free for 1 Project and 20MB storeage, MindQuarry, Commercial version and paid support no longer available, Free Script - Community Support, Google Groups, Yugma

Public Label Rights, See Resell Rights

Publishing Sites, Untitled, Resources, Video Only,, Multi-Media,, Software, Uses, How can these be used


Research, See also, Forums, Subtopics, Niche Research, How to, How to use Search effectively, "Warning: Before You Do Anything Else, Search!"

Resell Rights, Also covers:, PLR, Master Resell Rights, Products/Services, Sources of Resell/MMR/PLR products, WickedWarrior

Scripts, Specific Scripts, Feedback Forms, The Site Wizard, Hot Scrips

SEO, Understanding, Google's Free "SEO Starter Guide", Google's SEO Guidelines, Sub-topics, OnPage Optimization, How to, How do I build the perfectly optimized page?, Sub-topics, Metatags, Understanding, Magic with Meta Tags an Search Engine Optimization (, Keyword Density, Free online tools to check KWD,, URL, Folders vs. Subdomains for SEO, Webmasters Forum Discussion, OffPage Optimization, How to, 21 Off-Page SEO Strategies to Build Your Online Reputation, Sub-topics, Backlinks, More general, Traffic Generation

Shareware, Subtopics, PAD Files

Signatures, Understanding, What are Signatures?, Subtopics, Forum signatures, Email signatures

Social Marketing, Sub-topics, Social Bookmarking, Sub-topics, Social Bookmarking Automation tools, Free, OnlyWire, Free if you include their button on your site, Paid, Bookmark Generation, Hosted service, BookMarking Demon, Desktop software, Includes auto-account creation, Very comprehensive, $147, SocialBot, No auto-account creation, $77, OnlyWire, Bookmark-this-site buttons, SocialTwist

Teleseminars & Webinars, Resources, For hosting live webinars, Yugma, Free (limit - 20 people)..., Teleseminars, Desktop Sharing, Chat, Skype Integration, Paid..., More people, Webinars, Meeting recordings, Meeting scheduling / attendee tracking, Share Filespace, Instant Presenter, Features, No downloads - pure browser-based, Price/month, $39, 15 attendees, Video Conference (up to 6), $59, 15 attendees, ...., Recording, Registration, $99, 30 attendees, ...., High quality video, etc., GoTo Webinar, Features, Price/month, $99 for up to 1000 attendees, OmNovia, Features, No downloads - pure browser-based, Price/month, $39, 25 attendees, VOIP, Registration, Recording..., Available in PRO package which requires per-seat pricing, or addon (no provide given) to basic package, VideoSeminarLive, Price/month, $39, 15 attendees, VOIP, Registration, Recording (50 hours/month), $69, 30 attendees, ...., High quality video, $199, 50 attendees, $299, 100 attendees, Good facillities... but..., Originally, the Trail link gave an error - was like that for several days, I called Support - said he'd set things up manually and to email him - but the email bounced, Some days later, I tried the Trial link again: working, except that the Verification Code always expires, WebMeetingLive, Standard features, VOIP, Recording, Registration??, Web-based, Video of presenters (optional), Fixed access page, 14-day free trial, Price/month, $29.99, 3 users, $39.99, 5 users, $79.99, 10 users, $104.99, 15 users, ...., $699, 100 users, For hosting Pre-Recorded Webinars, Auto-Webinars, Stealth Webinars

Templates, Templates, Specializations, Minisite Sales Templates, Resources, Customizable Mini-Site Template, Incldues MRR, Adsense Templates, TBC, Wordpress Themes

Toolbars, Resources, Conduit

Video, Video, Sub-topics, Using video for traffic generation, Sub-topic, Video Submission, Products/Services, Traffic Geyser, Warrior Forum Advice, Issues with pricing (early 2010), Videozines, TBC, Converting video to web format, Products/Services, Free conversion sites,,,, Low-cost storeage for videos, Products/Services, Amazon S3, Resources, Video Sharing Sites, YouTube, List of video sharing sites Wikipedia, Experts, Mike Stewart

Widgets, Understanding, What are widegts?, General resources, Plugins/WordPress Widgets, Using Text Widgets, Using RSS Widgets, Widget-ready themes, Resources,

Web Browsers & Browsing, Sub-topics, Firefox Add-ons, Preview pages in a pop-up, CoolPreviews

Website Hosting & Administration, Sub-topics, cPanel

Website Building, Coding, Colours, Non-Dithering Colors (yourhtmlsource), Positioning on a page (without using tables), Learn CSS Position in 10 Steps (BarelyFitz Designs), Good to get a quick idea, Relatively Absolute (Autistic Cuckoo), The theory..., Page Redirects, What are they?, "Unnderstanding Page Redirection", How to do them, "How to redirect a web page, the smart way", This works, but...., Tools, Free website building tools, Trellian Webpage, Multi-Site Management Tools, Content Builder Pro, Sub-topics, Scripts, FrontPage, Related Topics, Website Hosting & Administration

WordPress, Resources,,, Sub-topics, WordPress Plugins, Wordpress SEO Plugins, Head META Description, Recommended Lists of Plugins, Bill Masson's Top 20 Plugins, Andy Beal's Top 21 Plugins For A New Blog, The 7 Most Powerful Plugins for Your WordPress Blog, Monthly Updated List of Top Plugins from Enterprise Mastermind, Top 10 Plugins to Promote Social Media Profiles, Wordpress Themes, Automated Installation of WP Blogs, Prodicts/Services, Cloning a Blog (WSO), WPManagerDx, Widgets, How to make a favicon appear on your WordPress blog

YouTube, How To, Downloading Videos from YouTube, Products/Services, Free sites,,,


IM Disciplines

Finding & Testing Markets, Niche Research

Creating & Finding Products, Product Research, Product Development

Traffic Conversion, Specializations, Converting Web Traffic, Converting Leads, Techniques, Toolbars, Teleseminars & Webinars

Monetization, Specialization, Blog Monetization, Affiliate Stores

Traffic Generation, Techniques, Article Marketing, Forums for traffic generation, Backlinks, SEO, Signatures, Using video for traffic generation, Strategies, Online Advertising Strategies, What is it?, Techniques where you pay for advertising, Example Techniques, Online Auctions, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Banner Advertising (Media Buying)


Security & Fraud

Website Creation & Management, Sub-topics, cPanel, Website Building, Scripts

Administration & Organization, Sub-topics, Automation Tools, Backups, Business Administration, Email Management, Desktop Tools

Education & Learning, Generic sources, Forums

Business Systems & Blueprints

Under here is information about / links to: Business Blueprints: Documented systems for making money online Business Models: General approaches to making money online, but without any documented guidance

Selling Physcial Products, Selling Hand-Made Products,


Steve Weber, Sites,, Business Model


Forex, Excellent source of PLR content

Feedback & Admin




Broken link

Update policy

This k-Map includes: Things that I learn Sites that I find Ideas that I have I update it based on What I want to record for future reference by me What I think visitors will find interesting / useful / valuable What I have been asked about explicitly

Developers Admin

Conventions, Topic Types, Major Topic/Heading, Major Sub-Topic, Link Types, External URL, Topic located elsewhere, Synonym, Techniques, Types of Topic Groupings, Comparisons, Generic sources, How To, Products/Services, Resources, Specialization(s), Techniques, Subtopics, Understanding, Uses

TO ADD, Search tips, see TwitterGuru_Guide.pdf in my IM Index. Has some very good search techniques, List of 30 very useful "single-function web-site", Add each of these into the relevant places