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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. Examples

1.1. Diamond

1.2. Fluorite

1.3. Ruby

2. Identified by

2.1. Properties

2.1.1. Hardness Hardness goes of a scale from 1-10 called "Mohs Scale". Mohs hardness scale.

2.1.2. Luster Dull, Pearly, Glassy, Metallic

2.1.3. Color Varies.

2.1.4. Reaction with Acid Drop acid on mineral and see what it does

2.1.5. Streak Shows the color of the streak when scratched.

2.1.6. Transparency If you can see through it or not.

2.1.7. Light Refraction If light bounces off of it.

2.1.8. Crystalline Shape The shape of the rock/mineral, Irregular, Cubic, etc

3. A mineral is natural, its not man made.

4. Minerals are used in tons of things.

4.1. Pencils

4.2. Phones

4.3. Lightbulbs

4.4. Tires

4.5. Paints

5. There are over 3,000 types of minerals.

6. When 2 or more minerals forge together they make a rock.

7. The most common mineral on earth is quartz.

8. When magma cools it forms huge mineral crystals.

9. Most minerals aren't found on earths crust

10. Rock formations:

10.1. Metamorphic

10.1.1. Gneiss

10.1.2. SandStone

10.2. Igneous

10.2.1. Granite

10.2.2. Obsidian

10.3. Sedimeantry

10.3.1. LimeStone

10.3.2. Coal

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