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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. Properties

1.1. Color

1.1.1. The way it looks like when light reflects off it.

1.2. Luster

1.2.1. It how much light reflects off an object. Dull It reflects no light. Glassy Shines and it reflects light. Brilliant It reflects a lot of light.

1.3. Octahedron

1.3.1. Shape with 8 sides.

1.4. Transperacy

1.4.1. How much you can see through an object Transparent When you can see through a shape clearly. Translucent When you can see through an object, but it is blurry. Opaque When you can't see through an object.

1.5. Shape

1.5.1. How a object looks like. Tetrahedron Shape with 4 sides Rhombohedron Shape with 6 sides. Cube Shape with 6 sides.

1.6. Hardness

1.6.1. How much it scratches.

1.7. Acid

1.7.1. You put acid on the mineral and see if it fizzes.

1.8. Streak color

1.8.1. You take the mineral and you rub it against a streak plate.

2. Mineral

2.1. A substance that is usually solid and it has a chemical formula.

3. Geologist

4. Rocks

4.1. Kinds of rocks

4.1.1. Igneous Igneous is formed from cooing lava Examples: Obsidian, Granite, and Tuff

4.1.2. Metamorphic It is formed from high temperature. Examples: Phyllite, Gneiss, and Marble

4.1.3. Sedimentary It is a rock that is formed from tiny rock pieces. Examples: Limestone, Sandstone, and Coal

4.1.4. A person who studies the earth or sometimes minerals.

4.2. Rocks is a hard substance that is made of minerals.

5. Examples

5.1. Quartz

5.1.1. A mineral that is usually in crystal shape

5.2. Diamonds

5.2.1. The most valuable mineral of all that is brilliant, transparent, and that can be any color.

5.3. Gold

5.3.1. A mineral that is bright, shiny, and yellow.

5.4. Fluorite

5.4.1. It is calcium fluoride in mineral form, that is usually sparkles.