an ALM Project

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an ALM Project by Mind Map: an ALM Project

1. Sets of of Requirements

1.1. a Set of Requirements

1.1.1. a Requirement a Requirement's Covered Status a Requirement's Met Status

2. Sets of Test Plans

2.1. a Set of Test Plans

2.1.1. a Test Plan Sets of "Test Sets" a Test Set

3. Sets of Test Labs

3.1. a Set of Test Labs

3.1.1. a Test Lab a Set of Tests a Set of "Test Scripts"

4. Test Runs

4.1. a set of Test Script Executions

4.1.1. a Test Script Execution A Test Script Step Modification a Test Step Execution a Test Step Execution Status A Test Script Execution Status No Run Pass Fail

5. Defects

5.1. a Defect