Design Considerations

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Design Considerations by Mind Map: Design Considerations

1. Materials/Manufacturing

1.1. How much will the materials that I will use cost?

1.2. What materials will I use/ are available to me?

1.3. What manufacturing processes will I use?

1.4. What mechanisms will I need to use?

1.5. How light does it have to be?

1.6. How can I keep costs down in manufacture?

2. Function

2.1. What will the product be used for?

2.2. Where will the product be used?

2.3. What does the client/target market intend to do with the product?

2.4. How often will the product be used/ how durable does it have to be?

2.5. What items will the product have to store?

2.6. Does it need to be flat-packed?

2.7. WIll it need to be easy to disassemble?

2.8. What safety considerations will I need to take into account?

2.9. Does it need to be easy to clean?

2.10. Will it need to be portable?

3. Client/Target Market

3.1. Who is my client?

3.2. What does my client need/want?

3.3. Who is the target market for the product?

3.4. How much will my customer pay?

3.5. What anthropometric data will I require?

4. Sustainability

4.1. Can it be made using biodegradable materials?

4.2. Can it be made using recycled materials?

4.3. How can I limit the amount of materials/ energy that I waste?

5. Form/Aesthetics

5.1. What finishing processes will I use?

5.2. Are there any specific colours that should be incorporated into the design?

5.3. Is there a specific shape that it should be?

5.4. What size should the product be?

5.5. Is there a certain design style that will suit the product?

6. Time/Money Restrictions

6.1. How much time do I have?

6.2. What is my budget?

6.3. How can I save money and time?

6.4. How much is mu client willing to pay for the product?