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IDEA Categories by Mind Map: IDEA Categories

1. Autism

1.1. Accommodations: -Provide students with picture schedule to maintain routine. -Personalize lesson by including student interest in the lessons.

2. Orthopedic Impairment

2.1. Accommodations: -Special seating arrangements -Note taking assistance

3. Multiple Disabilities

3.1. Accommodations: -Be familiar with the student's IEP -Encourage student independence

4. Intellectual Disability

4.1. Accommodations: -Provide a quiet work space -Provide opportunities for hands on learning

5. Speech or Language Impairment

5.1. Accommodations: -Use mnemonic devices -Personalize learning environment using pictures for reminders and important information

6. Specific Learning Disability

6.1. Accommodations: -Provide books on tape for students to read along to -Allow extra time

7. Other Health Impairment

7.1. Accommodations: -Provide students with break/rest times throughout the day if needed. -Provide aides to help with medical needs.

8. Deafness

8.1. Accommodations: -Real time speech to text translation. -Provide videos, announcements, films, etc with captions

9. Hearing Impairment

9.1. Accommodations: -Maintain visible to the student at all times. -Provide extra time for student to process information

10. Emotional Disturbance

10.1. Accommodations: -Talk to parents and provide consistency between class and home -Extend the amount of time to complete a given task

11. Developmental Delays

11.1. Accommodations: -Have a routine so the student knows what to expect. -Use activities that are similar to same aged peers.

12. Visual Impairment

12.1. Accommodations: -Provide materials in braile -Provide oral exams rather than written exams

13. Deaf-Blindness

13.1. Accommodations: -Sit the student in close proximity to the teacher -Provide extra lighting for the student to be able to see things easier.

14. Traumatic Brain Injury

14.1. Accommodations: -Provide study guide before class starts -Allow extended breaks

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