Career Planning

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Career Planning by Mind Map: Career Planning

1. Interests?

1.1. What do I enjoy?

1.2. Natural Science

1.3. research other career options for me

2. Natural Science

2.1. International Study

2.1.1. Asia

2.1.2. Europe

2.1.3. US

2.2. Lots of hands on field work

2.3. Building 19 Joondelup

2.4. 4 Year course

2.4.1. Year 1 Common Units Get used to course Principles of course Theory work Practise

2.4.2. Year 2 Content Practical Focus

2.4.3. Year 3 + 4 Bringing all knowledge together

3. Career Hub

3.1. Career advisers avaliable

3.2. Avaliable to you as a student and after

4. Volunteering

4.1. Meet contacts

4.2. Work Experience

4.3. Mentor Program

4.3.1. open to all first years Reducing stress Help with Queries

4.3.2. communication

4.3.3. confidence

4.3.4. leadership

4.4. Greatly increases confidence

4.5. teamwork skills

4.6. time management practise

4.7. meet different cultures

4.7.1. social networking

4.8. Extra curricular activities

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