Home Birth in our region

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Home Birth in our region by Mind Map: Home Birth in our region

1. Sustainability of committees

1.1. Perception of jobs and roles

1.2. Family first - but this is part of looking after ourselves and our families

2. Tauranga group

2.1. Open invite to join the committee

2.1.1. Would love to have more mws join

2.2. MWs supporting groups

2.2.1. MWs hiring out their own pools can have a negative effect on the local group (financially)

2.3. Four pools and five califonts available. Sometimes but not often all hired out at the same time

3. Whakatane group

3.1. Work within region on promotional brochure

4. Taupo group

4.1. Independent MWs not really keen on hbs

4.1.1. Encourage them to attend support meetings to make it less scary

5. Midwife culture

5.1. Reluctance to criticize

5.2. Education

5.2.1. MW schools no longer really promote hb

5.2.2. MWs are able to get their passion for hb from school

5.2.3. MW students asked to spy on hb MWs!

5.2.4. New grads feel pressure to conform to obstetric team ideals

5.2.5. We aren't evolving the education system from hospital training - no knowledge of how to awhi women postnatally

5.2.6. Only stroppy students get to choose the mws they study with

5.2.7. Regulation on who can be an LMC with students

5.2.8. 'Good' mws don't have the caseload for students

5.2.9. Changing curriculum ends up in too hard basket

5.2.10. Presence at home births the best way to teach

5.2.11. Need to influence other antenatal classes, not just preach to the converted at hb classes Only a few MWs in town that will actually recommend THB classes Minority of families that attend THB classes are planning HBs A lot of preciousness around antenatal classes Some CBEs are scared of introducing HB straight off the mark

5.2.12. Women sharing their birth stories as part of curriculum Make an annual event hosted by local group to share stories with student mws Home Birth Week initiative

5.3. Disheartening to see former student MWs not attending hbs

5.3.1. Culture of birthing women? not making hbs available to new grads

5.4. Joan Donnelly - women vote with their thumbs

5.5. Independent mws are an add on service - not viable financially

5.6. We have "lifted" the oppression but not improved the education and are still behaving as if oppressed

5.6.1. Wisdom is being diluted

5.7. Midwifery Council has gag order on speaking badly about midwifery

5.8. Partnership model not being upheld on both sides

5.8.1. Midwives abdicate responsibility to hospitals/DHBs

5.8.2. Birthing women abdicate responsibility to MWs A blame culture - women taking less responsibility for their decisions and results

5.8.3. When MWs 'won the war', partnership went out the window - MWs got more money but women weren't affected NZCOM have sold out to maintain their credibility Need to get more oomph from their consumer voices Reps should have more influence on MWs Three consumer reps - Parents Centre/Plunket, HBA, LLL

5.9. HB mws nurtured by the home birth associations and community

5.9.1. Only way we leave a HB legacy for our mokos is to strengthen the HB movement Sustainability of the homebirth kaupapa

5.10. Mothers think they can't do it if they don't have the perfect MW - but it is really about them and the MW is the add on

5.11. Supply/demand issues for hb mws

5.12. If women feel they have the power to choose what they want then they will

5.12.1. Women gain power by banding together Strong communities of women are able to sustain their mws From the ground up Harder to maintain groups when women are returning to work

5.13. HB 'pod' for mws

5.14. Practicing MWs need to be supported by more experienced MWs in the community

6. Students at births

6.1. Be more open to sharing in real time

6.1.1. Allow other people at births - remove the idea of it needing to be completely private

6.1.2. Having more general friends/whanau/joe public at births to normalize

7. Create a campaign of women talking about their home births

8. Encouraging women to attend LLL meetings during their first pregnancies

9. Continuing to buffer the energy of our regional hb mws

9.1. Supporting mws as non-professionals/hb mums

9.2. Important for MWs to be part of the HB community & committees to maintain connection and be supported

10. Bethlehem Birthing Centre

10.1. Home isn't always a safe place for a large section of our community

10.1.1. "Book a Bach" for hb

10.2. Peace and quiet from all the rest of their family at home

10.3. Grateful this is finally an option

10.4. Previous home births are choosing to use the centre

10.5. Should stop us being lazy and compliant and get out there promoting hb

10.6. Higher transfer rate perhaps due to lack of mental preparation

10.7. 20% transfer rate

10.7.1. MWs not confident in their own skills

10.7.2. Rural trained mws know all the tricks. Urban MWs transfer faster as they don't

10.8. 10% of women going to BBC

10.9. Would they be open to us looking at some of their stats

10.10. Can we impact the questions/stats being gathered