Outline of Final

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Outline of Final by Mind Map: Outline of Final

1. Target Audience

1.1. As a Game Artist, my industry is gaming/concept art, and the industry that I would like to one day work with is 343 Industries.

1.2. 343 Industries is a gaming company that works with Microsoft, and they are responsible for creating the latest installations of the Halo franchise.

1.3. These installations include Halo Reach, Halo 4, and soon to be released Halo 5: Guardians.

2. Message

2.1. I chose 343 Industries because I honestly like what they've done with this game franchise.

2.1.1. The original Halo franchise--Halo 1-3 and Halo ODST--Bungie and Microsoft were the original team that created Halo before Bungie broke away to build their own franchise apart from Halo.

2.2. I would like be a part of that franchise, and help take it to higher levels by providing newer ideas to make the franchise bigger.

2.2.1. 343 has taken the Halo franchise to whole new levels.

2.3. Concept artists not only create new ideas for games and even movies, but they also take an idea given to them and make it real.

2.3.1. A part of being a concept artist is building upon ideas.

3. Tools Needed

3.1. For this presentation, I will be using powerpoint because I am more familiar with the program.

3.1.1. Included within the powerpoint will be a combination of visual, text, and audio aid to help build upon the information and message. Text will make up the body of the presentation. Visual aids will include images of concept art, and logos from the game Halo and 343 Industries. Audio aids will include short clips of concept artist explaining what they do and how they do it, and examples of what 343 Industries has done with the Halo franchise.

3.1.2. To better help me stay on topic, and follow along with my presentation without constantly looking at the screen, I will prepare a couple of flash cards with key points and references for me to use while presenting.

4. Wrap Up

4.1. I hope to one day work with 343 Industries because I was inspired by how far they took my favorite game franchise, and I hope to be a part of their team to help take it further.

4.2. I not only want to be a part of the team that takes the Halo franchise to new levels, but I want to be a part of the team that changes it.

4.3. If I do get the chance to work with 343, I hope that I'll be a part of the team that makes the next generation of Halo, but I hope to be a part of the team that makes the next generation of gaming.

5. Beginning

5.1. To kick off my presentation, I'll engage the audience to get feedback on some of their chosen industries in order to relate the audience to me.

5.1.1. This question will be something that refers to their reasons for chosing their industries, or what inspired them.

5.2. I'll start by introducing myself, my degree program, and the career path I have chosen and how it ties in with my desire to work with 343 Industries.

5.2.1. I want to be a concept artist for 343 Industries, or other conspiring companies.

6. Middle

6.1. I'll provide information on what 343 Industries is, and what they have done in their brief history with Microsoft and the Halo franchise.

6.1.1. Introducing their work with the Halo franchise, and how they have improved it.

6.1.2. I'll include in the slides images from each of the installments of Halo detailing the evolution of the game itself, and I'll provide a short clip from the latest installment, Halo 5: Guardians.

6.2. In the main body of the presentation, I will be going more into detail of what a concept artist does, and a brief history of why I chose to pursue this career.

6.2.1. To build upon what concept artist do I'll provide a short video that helps explain a concept artist's role.

6.3. I talk more about why I chose this career and why I want to work with 343, and go into detail of what inspired me to choose this career.

6.3.1. What originally inspired me to become a concept artist was when I first played the game Resident Evil 5, and I unlocked in game concept art which I thought was amazing and my first thought was "I want to do that!"

7. End

7.1. I'll end the presentation by explaining what I hope to do with 343, if I do succeed in getting a job with them, and what I plan to do if I do not end up working with 343 Industries.

7.1.1. Other possibilities aside from 343 includes other gaming companies produced by Microsoft or Sony, or even working in the film industry as a concept artist for studios like Legendary pictures.

7.2. I'll then end with not a question, but with a reminder for the audience to always remember what inspired to chase their dreams and to never fear to dream big.