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Sammy Keyes by Mind Map: Sammy Keyes

1. Does

1.1. Sammy Keys at the start of the book was really lonely and since he was young he always wanted to be a pirate so he went to the crew and asked so much he got so angry he pushed one of the guys in to the water so still he was blank and have nothing to say.

1.2. Sammy Keys at the middle of the book was sad and on the corner sitting by himself while he was doing that an idea popped in his head and it was why not make his own crew so he got up and made his boat which took him a few days and called his friends to be n his crew and they could not wait for the competition.

1.3. Sammy Keys at the end of the book it was the day where the competition was held so when he went to there and he won and when he came back he saw the crew who said no to him to join there crew so they ran to Sammy Keys and asked could we join your group and Sammy Keys did the same thing what they did to him.

2. Says

2.1. Sammy Keyes, at the beginning of the book he always wanted to be a pirate. But, when he grew up no matter how much he tried know one really wanted him has a pirate. He is really good one. But, just because he is a bit fat and has a mixed face. So that shows the crew does not like ugly people joining the crew. ( text evidence)- "I really want to join! you can see I have passed all the test's you gave me! no! there is no place for a ugly person in our crew". (P54)

2.2. Sammy Keys in the middle of the book kind of get's a idea of what he is going to do so what was going on his mind was since nobody wanted him in his crew he decided why not make his own crew and his crew could be his friends his nice friends and he was ucky his friends were really nice and they would be his freinds

2.3. Sammy Keys at the end of the book it was the greatest day of his life so what he did was he bought his ship and called his friends and they were playing around after a while they even got into a competition and when they won they saw the crew who said no for him to coming in his crew and they eve came last place when they same of the ship all the people who said no to him they all now started to beg him to join there crew!

2.4. jbj

3. Thinks

3.1. Sammy Keyes, who did not get to be a pirate anywhere so after a long time he finally got an idea! instead of joining one crew he could make one himself. So he luckily had friends that were nice enough to be friends with him. so he could make a crew (text evidence) - " hey what if I make my own crew since sadly no one wants me on there crew and my crew could be my friends.

3.2. Sammy keys in the middle of the book sammy thought to himself why do every one hate him so much but then he stood up and stated thinking what should I do but after a few minutes he got an idea to since no one wants him to be on there crew he thought why can't I just make my own crew so he called his crew and he was thinking how exiting this was going to be.

3.3. Sammy keys at the end of the book thought to himself let's see if I can be the winner of the ship competition and so he was thinking let's get my crew and beat them when it was the competition Sammy Keys won the game and he was still thinking was anyone willing to join my crew and while he was doing that there was the whole crew coming to us and saying can we join you crew?