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Reynie by Mind Map: Reynie

1. Loves tests.

2. Thinks about others.

3. Cares about everyone unless they are mean.

4. Very smart.

5. He is very kind and caring pg.27: Mam I am wondering can I please call my tutor she must be worried because I am not there and I don’t want her to be worried.

6. He thinks how he could make things better.

7. The character grows through out this story when he makes new friends and starts to become a detective.

8. He says very kind things and loves to help others Pg.70: Oh no i’m sure I couldn’t. I can speak 3 languages but I’m sure I can’t speak french.

9. He thinks helping is the most important thing in the world

10. He does many things he studies, plays sports, runs, jogs and walks.

11. Thinks

12. Does

13. Says

14. Grows

15. Traits

16. My character Reynie has changed a bit and now he is mysterious and he is a detective now.

17. My protagonist to me is getting a bit frightened and now is starting to worry about what will happen to him.

18. To me my character is getting more interested in this part of the tory when Reynie has joined a team oh mathematicians. Text Evidence (Mr.Benedict smiled fine question the shot answer is that we have to start the mission after we can’t now.

19. Feelings