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Jess by Mind Map: Jess

1. Does(End) At the end of my story, what Jess does, is he buries her and makes sure that everyone including the "loyal subjects of Terabithia" remembers Leslie and what she did for him. EVIDENCE "C'mon Prince Terrein," he said quite loudly. "We must make a funeral wreath for the queen," He sat in the clear space between the bank and the first line of trees and bent a pine bough into a circle, tying it with a piece of wet string from the castle. And because it looked cold and green, he picked spring beauties from the forest floor and wove them among the needled. He put it down in front of him. A cardinal flew down to the bank, cocked its brilliant head and seemed to stare at the wreath. P.T let out a growl which sounded more like a purr. Jess put his hand on the dog to quiet him. "It's a sign from the spirirts," Jess said "We've made a worthy offering,"

1.1. Does( Middle) In the middle of the story, Jess goes to Terabithia everyday with Leslie and "plays" with her. I think they do this because Terabithia is a "magical kingdom" that Leslie and Jess created. I also think that Jess "plays" with Leslie everyday at Terabithia because they are the best of friends and Leslie is the "queen"of Terabithia and Jess is the "king". EVIDENCE "Jess?, Jess!, where are you going?" his mother called "To Terabithia!"he answered "Tera-what?" But by then, Jess was already out of earshot

1.1.1. Does(Beginning) At the beginning of the story, Jess runs all morning long, he is determined to beat Gary Fulcher and Wayne Pettis in the heats(footraces) in school. EVIDENCE "Gonna run?" May Belle asked him "No," he said shoving to sheet away. "I'm gonna fly," "Why? " she asked. "Do you want to beat Fulcher and Pettis?" she pressured. "It's not that I WANT to beat Gary and Wayne, its that I NEED to,"

2. Thinks (BEGINNING) My Character Jess, thinks that running is his life, and that the only thing he needs to focus on, is beating Gary and the rest of the boys in his school in a race, because he is tied of them beating him and then their teasing him. He also needs to impress his father because his father has almost given up on him. EVIDENCE One time last year Jess had won, not just one race but the whole shebang. Only once. But it had put into his mouth a taste for winning. But now he was very tired of Gary and Wayne Pettis always beating him. And his dad, don't even get started on his dad, he had to do something, anything to impress his dad or else…

2.1. THINKS(MIDDLE) After meeting Leslie, Jess changes his opinions COMPLETELY; now all Jese can think about is going to Terabithia everyday with Leslie. EVIDENCE Oh shoot, I'm late I NEED to get to Terabithia NOW. Jess thought

2.1.1. Thinks(end) At the end of the story when Leslie dies, Jese thinks about Leslie and how she changes him, from a poor farm boy, to a king. EVIDENCE How could he forget her? She was one of the most important people in his life

3. Says (BEGINNING) My character Jess, says to Gary Fulcher and all the other kids that he's going to trash them completely in the heats(races). He also says to his father that he will beat all of them in the heats. EVIDENCE "Yo Fulcher, listen up," "What IS IT Aarons?" seethed Gary "Get ready to get trashed," replied Jess simply "We'll see about THAT," Fulcher shot back "Dad don't worry I will totally beat them in the heats, you just watch."

3.1. Says(Middle) In the middle of the book after Jese meet Leslie, all he says is that he needs to get to Terabithia. EVIDENCE "Aint'cha gonna run?" "Who cares about running?;I need to go to Terabithia." This proves that Jess has quit his usual habits, and now only talks with Leslie and about Terabithia.

3.1.1. Says(END) At the end of the book when Leslie dies, all Jess says is that he misses her. EVIDENCE "How can I forget here dad?, she changed me completely, from a mere poor farm boy, to a king of a sacred land."