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Lumberjack by Mind Map: Lumberjack

1. Rules/how to play

1.1. Every round is a dice roll to decide how many trees you can chop

1.1.1. The longer you leave a tree, the more timber you get from it

1.2. Good and well discription rules that young kids will understand

1.3. Aim of the game

1.3.1. Get all the tokens

1.4. 2-6 players

1.5. Movement System?

1.5.1. 8 Spaces at a time

1.6. Every Player Starts with:

1.6.1. 1 random tier 1 axe

1.6.2. Material (see Market and recourses)

2. Board

2.1. Hexagonal tiles

2.2. Eye catching/colorful

2.3. Material

2.3.1. Plastic

2.3.2. Metal

3. Pieces

3.1. Strucutres (like hotels)

3.1.1. Requires property, food, and timber

3.1.2. 10 total properties, bought for 10 sugar each

3.1.3. You get a token for each time you build a hotel on a property

3.2. Market

3.2.1. Resources Property For structure Market gets all 12 Timber For everything Market Starts with no timber Tools For tools. duh Market starts with 1 per player Player starts with 2 per player Food For hotels Market starts with 10 per player Player starts with 10 per player Sugar For trading Market has 5 Sugar for each player Each player starts with 2 sugar for each other player (4 players, each gets 8 sugar) Tokens 1 Token - 10 Sugar, 30 food, or 50 timber For winning 8 tokens in the game Market has no tokens

3.2.2. Axes cost tools and timber (Market isn't actually selling axes, they will build it for you if you bring material)

3.3. Material

3.3.1. Magnet

3.3.2. Well thought out/ hard plastic or something

4. Quality

4.1. long lasting pieces

4.1.1. Plastic

4.2. Material

4.2.1. Plastic (easiest)

4.2.2. use the 3-D printer

5. Theme

5.1. Lumberjack

5.1.1. Trees Grows in order Sappling Bush Baby tree Big tree

5.2. Cave