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BusinessDesigner by Mind Map: BusinessDesigner
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Why a "Midmap Blog"?

It is closer to my way of thinking

Helps me to keep track

Books I like

The Rise of the Creative Class (Florida, 2002)

Funky Business (Riddersstrale/Nordström, 2002)

Drive (Pink, 2009)

The Design of Business (Martin, 2009)

The Art of Innovation (Kelley, 2001)

Diffusion of Innovation (Rogers, 2003)

Welcome to the Creative Age (Earls 2002)

China shakes the World (Kynge, 2006)

Mastering the Dynamics of Innovation (Utterback, 1996)

The World is Flat (Friedman, 2005)

A Whole New Mind (Pink, 2005)

What ever you think-think the opposite (Arden, 2006)

What I believe in

Technology is a tool, no more no less

We are experiencing the end of the industrial age

We have to develop Africa in a smart way

What drives me

From ideas to innovations

Technology if it makes sense

Business models for the post industrial era

What I tweet?

Where I travel


Who I am