3D Printing

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3D Printing by Mind Map: 3D Printing

1. principle

1.1. ink-jet printing

1.2. technology

1.2.1. material

2. Social assessment

2.1. positive attitude

2.1.1. 3D Printing Is About To Change The World Forever

2.1.2. 3D Printed Optics

2.1.3. How 3-D printing will radically change the world

2.2. netative attitude

2.2.1. Is 3D printing an environmental win?

2.2.2. The dark side of 3D printing: 10 things to watch

2.3. conclusion

2.3.1. as time went by, people will notice whether the 3D printing is good or not.And i believe that the 3D printing does the milestond of modern scientific development.

3. History

3.1. 3D Printing History

3.2. Differences with the usual printer

4. Limitation

4.1. Unfeasibility

4.2. Not competitive

4.3. Remained labor cost