Changes in mental health nursing

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Changes in mental health nursing by Mind Map: Changes in mental health nursing

1. changes in service user profile

1.1. increased acuity

1.2. increase in younger people in services

1.3. increased dual diagnosis

1.4. expansion of forensic services

1.5. personality disorder

2. changes in education

2.1. move to all-graduate profession

2.2. challenges to recruitment

2.2.1. demographics

2.2.2. economic

2.3. increased professionalisation of support workers

2.3.1. better qualified NVQs foundation degrees

2.3.2. more specific roles STR workers community support workers

2.3.3. registration

3. changes in nursing careers

3.1. Thorn initiative

3.2. need for more advanced skills in CBT, psychosocial interventions

3.3. nurse prescribing

3.4. nurse specialists and nurse consultants

4. changes in legislation and NHS structures

4.1. AMHPs

4.2. Responsible Clinicians

4.3. nurse entrepreneurs

5. demographic changes

5.1. ageing population

5.2. immigration

5.3. nurses retiring

6. changes in mental health policy and provision

6.1. recovery concept

6.2. risk assessment and management

6.3. new standards for mental health care

6.4. assertive outreach, home treatment, early intervention

6.5. expansion in prison healthcare

6.6. new government, new policies!