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strategy for video production and delivery on McCombs website

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Video on the Web by Mind Map: Video on the Web

1. content ideas

1.1. "Buzz Words"

1.1.1. professors discuss current industry buzzwords, with their favorites, pet peeves, and anecdotes

1.2. "The Business of Getting Down"

1.2.1. feature about business students who also play music, or kick out the jams in Rock Band. Or, the business of managing a band, going on tour, etc the business side of interesting/alternative pursuits (games, music, film, sports, etc)

1.3. "School of Hard Knocks"

1.3.1. Seasoned business professionals tell stories of their hard-earned experience, and reflect on how they also benefitted from going back to school for executive education

1.4. the ubiquitous MBA

1.4.1. faculty tackle head-on the common conception that "everyone and their dog has an MBA"

1.5. UpStarts

1.5.1. an in-depth series that tells the stories of (local?) people who have started their own businesses, with comment and (perhaps) guidance from McCombs experts and external partners possibly follow alums who have started businesses, or have profs tell us about their favorite local biz

1.6. "business is not a 4-letter word"

1.6.1. Students and faculty challenge the traditional view of business schools as a training ground for money-grubbing corporate lackeys. Examples of how you can use what you learn at McCombs to make the world a better place.

1.7. student produced

1.7.1. first-person accounts of competitions

1.7.2. video postcards from trips abroad

1.7.3. "i am the future of business" self-produced testimonials by students giving statements of what they have learned and how it will make them the future leaders in the business world

1.7.4. a day in the life

1.8. research centers

1.8.1. tech incubator / energy

1.8.2. AIM center

1.8.3. CEFER

1.8.4. etc...

1.9. issue-based

1.9.1. loan and credit "crisis"

1.9.2. effects of fuel prices

1.9.3. fluctuating job markets

1.9.4. recession issues

1.9.5. inflation

1.9.6. etc

1.10. professors' research topics

1.11. edutainment

1.11.1. "Business Casual" a video fashion column with trends in business attire, shopping tips, and tutorials on how to dress for success

1.11.2. "The Dreaded Question" Interviewing tips disguised in staged anecdotes humorously portraying the do's and don'ts of making a good impression at an interview

1.11.3. "The Michael Scott Project" management profs and students use "The Office" to comment on real-world issues

1.11.4. "The Green" an investigation of what the big deal is about Golf, and why business professionals flock to the fairway.

2. design

2.1. player

2.1.1. commercial JW FLV player $30 use as template for custom player

2.1.2. custom do it ourselves contract a coder/designer [email protected] design students/faculty?

2.1.3. WISHLIST seamless integration simple / minimal interface hide-able menu options support captions accessibility options (larger controls, etc) custom pop-up menu sharing and social network linking "more info" link related video links feedback link

2.2. integration into page

2.2.1. dominance on screen?

2.2.2. have its own page(s)?

2.2.3. where do archives live?

2.2.4. how are videos selected? tabbed interface (like BU)? thumbnail menu? text list?

2.2.5. is there different video on each departmental page?

3. requirements

3.1. captioning

3.1.1. who can transcribe? internal intern? employees outsource

3.2. accessibility

4. administration

4.1. who decides what gets produced?

4.2. how often will we update?

4.3. can writers work on scripts, etc?

5. Strategy

5.1. executive

5.1.1. acknowledge their experience

5.1.2. feature tangible benefits of exec. ed

5.1.3. confront criticisms and stereotypes head-on

5.1.4. focus on flexibility of programs

5.1.5. host on program pages

5.2. undergrad

5.2.1. connect to popular culture

5.2.2. appeal to diverse prospective students

5.2.3. create "street cred" student generated content contests vlogs class and extracurricular presentations host on YouTube

5.3. features

5.3.1. host on main page

5.3.2. showcase the personalities of our profs

5.3.3. communicate the culture of UT

5.3.4. highlight our resources

5.3.5. display our expertise comment on current and popular issues

5.3.6. appeal to broad lay audience approach topics from new angles take the "stuffiness" out of business topics use humor provide greater context of specialized studies

5.3.7. serialize content short programs frequent updates syndicate to aggregators

6. Content Management

6.1. integrated CMS on website

6.1.1. who makes it? contractor ITS

6.1.2. new video users login choose video destination main page program page other destinations? upload files main video file (MP4) fallback video (FLV) captions text file (XML) alternate audio (MP3) thumbnail image (JPG) text metadate video title date author(s) music/photo/etc attribution summary / alt text keywords tags links pick "related videos" specify from list of existing videos populate list with videos that have the same keywords or tags

6.1.3. edit existing change any part of an existing file delete re-arrange in archive (prioritize)