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1914-1929 by Mind Map: 1914-1929

1. Progress or Decline?

2. Halifax explosion

3. Decline because about 2000 people died in the Halifax explosion and then the harbor changed the way it worked, it became stricter when ships were coming in and go out of the harbor. Also many doctors from the states came and helped all does that were injured during the explosion

4. Women win the right to vote in 1918

5. Progress. I think this because when the women go there rights to vote and to be equal, women changed the world by running as politicians, running for office and government positions. When the women were rebelling against the men they did a lot of things to show men if they don’t give them rights they will continue to drink, dance in there lingerie and burn houses as well stores

6. Winnipeg strike in 1919

7. Progress. The reason I think this was progress is because of how important this battle was. We did lose many people and had many casualties but winning this battle helped Britain gain more land because of how Canada fought, they breached 3 of Germany’s defenses which forced them to retreat and gave Canada the win of this battle

8. Decline. I chose decline because this was a sad time in Canadian history. The government of Canada wanted aboriginals and native kids that lived in Canada to go to a white and regular school. But as they were there they were used for test and many died from those test but their parents never knew how they died

9. Decline. I think that this was decline because of how the community turned on their government as well what the government was doing to the community was awful as well. The government had no economy so they couldn’t pay workers but the the community was upset with this which made them turn on their government. Turning on the government was ok and the right thing to do to get paid for working but it only made the government want to stop them even more than before

10. Indian act, kids got forced to go to school in 1919

11. Canada wins 100 days 9074 Canadian’s casualties in 3 days 1918

12. Was this a turning point in Canada? Why?

13. Yes Because after the explosion and all the trauma workers in the harbor were more cautious and strict about what goes through and created a better and safer life style for Halifax

14. Yes this was a turning point because women did not have much freedom to do what they wanted but as soon as women got there rights and freedom, communities and towns were more efficient and life for everyone got easier

15. Yes this was a turning point because although this was very bad for the government and how they run the community but the strike made more people want to work and help society which they did

16. Yes this was a turning point because Canada went from something peaceful and safe to experimenting on kids and killing them because they were ‘Indians’

17. Yes this was a turning point because when Canada broke 3 of the Germany’s defenses, it gave more and ground and territory for Canada and Britain. After the battle Canadian soldiers rode down the streets of Canada where crowds cheered them on of their victory

18. Thank You For Watching My Presentation