Rarocars Webiste No.1 Rankings

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Rarocars Webiste No.1 Rankings by Mind Map: Rarocars Webiste  No.1 Rankings

1. Creating Videos

1.1. Periscope videos

1.1.1. will touch on more when get back

1.2. Informational Videos

1.2.1. can we create videos around the text already on the website this increases the time on website - which increases the rankings

1.3. Youtube videos

1.3.1. Ranked online for keywords Van Hire Rarotonga cheap car hire rarotonga car hire rarotonga car rental rarotonga

2. Back Links Currently have 2 we are behind others

2.1. Commenting on other websites/blogs

2.1.1. 10 per week done on my part

2.2. Linking from other websites

2.2.1. tourism website register with tourism

2.2.2. Cook islands news

2.2.3. accommodation sites around island prepare some text and pictures and video for a page which they ad to their website Partners program for referrals?

2.2.4. any partners you have link to rarocars

2.3. Indexing on directory sites

3. Google Plus Reviews Need 6+

3.1. Ask Friends

3.2. Email past clients that have used service

3.3. Help with Map Rankings

3.3.1. Increase traffic back to the website

4. Creating Content For Website

4.1. Written Articles around 10 for search terms

4.1.1. titled by keywords car hire rarotonga bike hire in rarotonga

4.2. Any testimonials

4.2.1. Video would be awesome if you can get

4.2.2. Written testamonials Add a photo of client with car with text

5. Increase Social Traffic/ Ads

5.1. Linkedin

5.1.1. Optimise Your Profile

5.1.2. Add connections

5.2. Facebook

5.2.1. Facebook ads targeting upcoming events targeting vaka eiva

5.2.2. Postings reviews or testimonials from people

5.2.3. Retargeting ads for website -Active

5.2.4. have discount codes once a month special

5.3. Ad buying on websites

5.3.1. Cook Islands news

5.3.2. rarotonga airport

5.3.3. Tourism website for services


6.1. Getting customer testimonials is something need done

6.2. photos of servicing areas and things they fix

6.3. Run Facebook ads of each individual service