Squatter settlements: Rio de Janiero and Kibera

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Squatter settlements: Rio de Janiero and Kibera by Mind Map: Squatter settlements: Rio de Janiero and Kibera

1. Solutions

1.1. Housing

1.1.1. Government Support for low income self-built houses

1.1.2. Subsidies for home building

1.1.3. Flexible loans to help shanty town dwellers

1.1.4. Slum upgrading in central areas

1.1.5. Improved private and rental housing

1.1.6. Support for the informal sector/small businesses operating at home

1.1.7. Site and service schemes

1.1.8. Encouragement of community schemes

1.1.9. Construction of health and educational services

1.2. Improving living conidtions

1.2.1. Reduce the number of people living at densities of more than 1.5 individuals per room

1.2.2. Increase access to electricity and drinking water

1.2.3. Improve sanitation

1.2.4. Prevent families from moving to areas that are physically unsafe

1.2.5. Encourage households to improve the quality of their accomodation

2. Rio de Janiero

2.1. The slums in Rio are known as FAVELAS

2.2. Around 17% of Rio's population are favela-dwellers. (possibly up to 1 million people)

2.3. There is a huge gap between rich and poor

3. Problems

3.1. Landslides (due to the situation on hill sides where deforestation has taken place

3.2. Risk of Eviction

3.3. No proper electricity supply leads to dangerous tapping of electricity from the city's power net

3.4. Housing that is only made out of temporary material which is vulnerable to flooding, etc.

3.5. No clean water supply which can lead to diseases like typhoid.

3.6. Overcrowding (high population density) which allows diseases to spread quickly

3.7. No toilets, showers or proper sewer systems which can cause disease to spread and attract mosquitoes which cause diseases like malaria

3.8. No proper rubbish collections which can attract animals like rats

3.9. No proper schools and medical facilities

3.10. High unemployment

3.11. High crime rates, including gangs, drugs and murders

4. CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

5. Definition: A squatter settlement is an illegal or unauthorised settlement where poor people live in improvised dwellings from scrap materials

6. Kibera

6.1. 60 % of Nairobi's inhabitants live in slums, over half of them in Kibera

6.1.1. This means that approximately 1 million people live in an area of 225 ha

6.1.2. Many children are orphans due to HIV/AIDS

6.2. Specific problems and solutions

6.2.1. British charity developed low-cost roofing tiles from natural fibres to replace corrugated iron sheeting

6.2.2. UN Human Settlement Programme provided affordable electricity to some parts at 300 Kenyan shillings per shack