7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Goverment and Leaders

1.1. Shang / Zhou

1.1.1. The Shang Dynasty was the earliest recorded dynasty in Chinese history, from 1600 BC to 1050 This Man above is the first king of the Shang Dynasty, Cheng Tang,

1.1.2. During the Shang Dynasty, China was a monarchy with kings that ruled over the nation with a court, or nobles.

1.1.3. The Shang Dynasty was later conquered by the Zhou Dynasty Which split into East Zhou and West Zhou.

1.2. Sumerians

1.2.1. Originally, Priests held high places in government due to the strong belief of Polytheism in each City state

1.2.2. War chiefs would conduct ceremonies to please the gods

1.2.3. Eventually, city states were overtaken by war chief kings. above is the head of Sharru Kin kin, a leader of the Sumerians

2. Social Structure and Family Life

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. Men held political power in government and made laws.

2.1.2. Women took care of the home and children.

2.1.3. A few upper class women would become priestess.

2.1.4. Ranking in social structure in this order from highest to lowest.King/Priests, Landowners, merchants, Artisans and farmers, Slaves.

2.2. Shang / Zhou

2.2.1. Agricultural people, Farmers sometimes forced to join battle with slaves

2.2.2. Men went to War and had power

2.2.3. Women had Male children and took care of men.

3. Economy and Trade

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. Obtained most of the materials for their village from trading. sumerians

3.1.2. Sumerians didn't have the raw materials to make houses so they used trading as a main source of products.

3.1.3. Would mostly trade woven textiles for metals and lumber for stone.

3.1.4. Had a social hierarchy with kings and priests. Then came big land owners and wealthy merchants. Then framers, laborers then slaves at bottom.

3.2. Shang / Zhou

3.2.1. They would own private slaves that would do jobs and chores. Shang / Zhou

3.2.2. Would collect expensive jewelry and show wealth.

3.2.3. They tried to mostly try to keep to themselves and make own products.

3.2.4. They had a type of money within their own society for goods.

4. Religion

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. They thought that the gods did many human like things like eat, fall in love, and marry. Sumarians

4.1.2. The Sumerians practiced polytheism. Which means that they worshiped more than one god.

4.1.3. They believed that the gods controlled all natural forces. They had a god named Enlil which controlled the air and storms.

4.1.4. They believed that the gods would protect the cities.

4.2. Shang / Zhou

4.2.1. When kings were buried they would kill prisoners of war in the tomb so he would have servants in the after life. Shang/Zhou

4.2.2. Would bury the rulers with riches so they could have them in the after life.

4.2.3. Had ancestor worship when they would give gifts to their ancestors to keep them happy in the after life.

4.2.4. Family would prepare food and eat it. Steam from the food was believed to nourish the spirits.

5. People in group

5.1. Jack Whitley

5.2. Spencer Burke

5.3. Max Mostovoy

5.4. Brendan krause

6. Arts and Education

6.1. Sumerians

6.1.1. Had an undeveloped form of writing, whitch influenced many languages to come.

6.1.2. This is an example of Sumerian Art.

6.1.3. One of the first to have musical instruments.

6.1.4. They had very detailed records and books.

6.2. Shang / Zhou

6.2.1. Bronze Dragon

6.2.2. First Civilation to ave an established writing system.

6.2.3. First to have written and physical evidence of their existence.

6.2.4. All art had a physical or ritual purpose

7. Science and Technolgy

7.1. Sumerians

7.1.1. Used Bronze a lot.

7.1.2. Bronze was a sign of royality so many kings were burried with many bronze trinkents.

7.1.3. Bronze was used in battle for axe heads, swords, and sometimes arrow tips.

7.1.4. They were very inventive.

7.1.5. Sumerian bowls

7.2. Shang / Zhou

7.2.1. Were the center of weapons and technology in their time.

7.2.2. Had weapons like catapult and cavalry.

7.2.3. Used iron tools because they are cheaper and casted more quickly.

7.2.4. Had a very large army for their time, around 700,000 strong.

7.2.5. Zhou millitary

8. Geography and Agriculture

8.1. Shang / Zhou

8.1.1. Lived along the Huang He River.

8.1.2. They did not invade someone else for their land

8.1.3. Shang/Zhou

8.1.4. Left barbarian ways and became farmers.

8.2. Sumerians

8.2.1. Sumerians

8.2.2. Had very fertile soil by the rivers.

8.2.3. But if you didn't live right on the river it was very arid

8.2.4. Some nomads lived in the desert herding cattle.