Lessons Learned from Scaling a Blog

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Lessons Learned from Scaling a Blog by Mind Map: Lessons Learned from Scaling a Blog

1. Ask yourself

1.1. What is your mission statement for content, what are your values?

1.2. Based on that you can decide what content you will produce

2. Content marketing is slow return

2.1. Benefits visible after a year

2.2. Don't lose enthusiasm too early!

3. Compounding content marketing is evergreen content

3.1. = Content that doesn't refer to current events or product updates

3.2. Will still get hundreds of page views years later

4. Tips

4.1. Write about what you are an expert on

4.2. Be authentic in content marketing!

4.3. Nobody cares about YOU, stop trying to sell yourself

4.4. Be clear, tell the truth, be direct

4.5. Make big bold statements

4.6. Not every post has to be an epic

4.7. Don't put dates on articles!

4.8. Editorial values are the key of scaling

4.9. Carve out uninterrupted time for writing!

5. 15% of blog readers go on to the product pages

5.1. Much higher spend, stay longer than other users

5.1.1. Intercom tracks complete user journey

5.1.2. Differentiate between people who start out on product site, then go to blog and then sign up vs. people who originate on the blog itself

5.2. Why?

5.2.1. Because blog educates about company philosophy

6. Few blogs by startups talk about non-product things, e.g. sales, ops, marketing etc.

6.1. Intercom does

6.2. Things that people are gonna want to read

7. There is no silver bullet

8. John Collins Managing Editor, Intercom

8.1. @jaycee001

8.2. blog.intercom.io

8.3. Link to blog post